Ba Zi Training (The Three Essentials), USA – 2018/2019

Help your patients understand the underlying connections of their health disorders

After years of clinical practice, the Si Yuan Team’s Master discovered that many people’s difficulties in life and health problems are rooted in one or more of these three factors : Timing (Ba Zi), Environment (Feng Shui) and People (Relationships). These Three Essentials are key variables in achieving true physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being in all areas of life.

The “Seasonal Balance” Advanced Track acupuncture class discusses the importance of “Timing” when formulating a treatment. A Ba Zi birth chart is like a fingerprint unique to each person, based on their personal timing versus seasonal timing. This was Si Yuan’s Master’s most advanced area of research and practice.

How can Ba Zi profoundly improve your practice?

  • Understand a patient’s strengths and weaknesses by inner constitution as well as timing. (Applications for infertility, medication, surgical procedures, etc.)
  • Improve your communication with patients by better understanding their personality, behaviour, thinking patterns, fears, etc.
  • Deepen your diagnosis to design more precise acupuncture treatments or customize your prescriptions (environmental design, nutrition, herbs, etc.)
  • Diagnose and help your patient release emotional blockages from the past that are triggering or maintaining current diseases
  • Predict possible evolutions of health, prevent or decrease the intensity of potential illnesses

Why is this Ba Zi training fundamental for all healthcare practitioners?

  • If you hit a plateau in some cases when using the Balance Method, you need to look at these deeper levels. This is especially important in patients with shen disorders, chronic complaints and recurring problems
  • Very soon, Western medical advances will be able to heal many diseases on a physical organ level, yet we, as practitioners, must focus on the prevention of disease as well as mental/emotional well-being
  • The most important person and influence in your life is YOU. As you learn more about your own Ba Zi chart, you will make discoveries about yourself and the type of people who enrich your life and benefit your career

How to use Ba Zi as a consultant (for non-healthcare practitioners)?

  • Analyze clients/friends/associates/relatives’ interaction dynamic, thinking, behaviour, etc.
  • Learn and advise how to accept and adapt to different personalities
  • Study compatibility for couples, business partners, associates, etc.
  • Provide more reliable advice and recommendations for all aspects of life by understanding how to follow one’s life flow and taking the best out if it at every moment
  • Have fun giving powerful insights into people’s lives!

This series of classes is mainly dedicated to the study of Ba Zi as a Timing factor. However, advanced Chinese philosophy on how all three factors influence our lives as a whole will also be incorporated. The goal is to use all Three Essentials together to cultivate a fuller, richer and happier life.

For more information about the Three Essentials, please visit this page.

Conference in English by Dr. Paul Wang, Dr. Eileen Han, and Dr. Delphine Armand.

No Prerequisite: this class is open to everybody, not only health practitioners!

The Three Essentials, Ba Zi Level 1: 10am-6pm: 2018 February 8th-11th, San Francisco, CA

The Three Essentials, Ba Zi Level 1: 10am-6pm: 2018 July 12th-15th, New York, NY

The Three Essentials, Ba Zi Level 2: 10am-6pm: 2018 November 15th-18th, San Francisco, CA Prerequisite: Level 1

The Three Essentials, Ba Zi Level 3: 10am-6pm: 2019 March 7th-10th, San Francisco, CA Prerequisite: Level 2

The Three Essentials, Ba Zi Level 4: 10am-6pm: 2019 August 22nd-25th, San Francisco, CA Prerequisite: Level 3

28 CEUs per Level. All classes are approved for CEUs in Category One by the California and Illinois State Boards. Please note that NCCAOM accepts California CEUs as valid units. Please check with your individual state board for specific licensing requirements.

The Three Essentials, Ba Zi Level 1 (4 Days)

This workshop teaching is designed to exercise oneself and the students will be carefully trained. Indeed, no previous study is required.
Participants will first complete understanding of each Chinese character that they will need to memorize in order to practice Ba Zi readings.

Each character will be studied as follows :

  • meaning and classical origin,
  • correct traditional writing,
  • correct pronounciation.

Please note that it is extremely important to be very familiar with the writing, listening and meaning of all the characters introduced in this class. We strongly encourage you to visit the following “Learning Tools” webpages to review and practice all the characters.

In this level, the instructor will also introduce the Three Essentials and explain the importance in clinical practice. He will discuss:

  • levels of Five Element theory beyond the basics taught in school. He will relate the Five Elements to the 10 stems and 12 branches of a patient’s birth chart and how it affects their health,
  • how to understand the constitutional personality and timing factors that exist in each person’s chart as a life progression,
  • the birth data of some patients who have difficult disorders (students are encouraged to bring in the birth data of their patients).

By the end of the weekend, attendees will be able to lay out a person’s constitutional chart based on the date, time and place of birth.
Please note this level is mainly dedicated to the learning and practice of the correct lay out of one’s Ba Zi chart. This step is essential for future accurate analysis. Pathologies and treatments will not be discussed in this level.

The Three Essentials, Ba Zi Level 2 (4 Days)

This level will delve into the analysis of shen levels by using the birth data of your patients. The instructor will introduce the necessary tools for a more precise analysis of personality traits, family relationships, and the main flows in someone’s life. The instructor will show how to present an analysis to a patient or client and how to provide basic analysis and advices.
The instructor will bring in cases from his own practice, participants are encouraged to bring cases from their clinic or relatives.

Before you join the class, please study the handouts for Level 2 and exercise yourself using the videos provided in the “Learning Tools” webpages.

The Three Essentials, Ba Zi Level 3 (4 Days)

This level is dedicated to the study of special kinds of Ba Zi charts. Students will study different complex patterns and will be guided to quickly identify the main pattern of someone’s chart by following simple rules. This will ensure that the interpretation of one’s chart is always accurate.
The class is based on a deeper understanding of Tian Gan (Heavenly Stems) and Di Zhi ( Earthly Branches ) and the result of their possible interaction. Both theory and practical application will be focused on. The instructor will analyze complex patterns that need a great depth of insight.
Starting from this level more class discussion and demos will show how to devise treatments based on a Ba Zi diagnosis.
Before you join the class, please review the handouts for Level 3 and exercise yourself using the videos provided in the “Learning Tools” webpages.

The Three Essentials, Ba Zi Level 4 (4 Days)

This is the most advanced of the Three Essentials seminars and will be reserved for dedicated students who have been practicing the Three Essentials in clinical practice. This will be the most hands-on weekend and the instructor will allow for a great deal of case studies and discussion in this seminar. He will discuss his own cases, but mostly encourage students to bring up their own successes and challenges in laying out birth charts and applying it into practice. He will also go further into the idea of environmental factors, relationships to those surrounding you and how to “customize” treatments.

San Francisco – Level 1

Marriott Fisherman’s Wharf

1250 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133
+1 415-775-7555


New York – Level 1

The Radisson Martinique on Broadway

49 W. 32nd Street, New York, NY 10001
+1 212-738-3800


San Francisco – Level 2

Hilton San Francisco Financial District

750 Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA 94108
+1 415-433-6600

San Francisco

Please contact 415-433-6600 for room rate information and specify Si Yuan Balance Method Acupuncture.

New York

Contact Alisa at 212-277-2655 and mention Si Yuan Balance Method Acupuncture for room rates.

Tuition (inclusive of all taxes).

Seats are limited!!

This class is the necessary prerequisite for all Ba Zi levels. Please kindly print out your handouts and bring them to the class!
  • The Three Essentials – New York : Level 1

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  • The Three Essentials – San Francisco : Level 1

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Prerequisite: Level 1. Please kindly print out your handouts and bring them to the class!
  • The Three Essentials – San Francisco : Level 2

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Prerequisite: Level 2. Please kindly print out your handouts and bring them to the class!
  • The Three Essentials – San Francisco : Level 3

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Prerequisite: Level 3
  • The Three Essentials – San Francisco : Level 4

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