Paris – Special Advanced Track – 2018

Conference in English, translated into French

Please note: classroom change (see below under “location”)
It is required to have participated at least once to all the following Advanced classes before attending this Special class: Meridian Conversion, Seasonal Balance, Balance the 5 Elements, Strategy of 12 Magical Points.

  • Day 1: September 20th 9H-18H

    Day 2: September 21st 9H-18H

    Day 3: September 22nd 9H-18H

    Day 4: September 23rd 9H-18H

  • Topics:
    – Smart Combos: How to integrate various Balance Method Strategies.
    – Balancing the 8 Extra + Scalp Acupuncture.
    – Balance Method Gong Fa Fundamentals (16 Hours).
Classes offering translation will finish between 18h00-18h30 depending on the flow of the class. This class will be taught by Dr. Delphine Armand, Dr. Paul Wang and/or Dr. Eileen Han.

Smart Combos: How to integrate various Balance Method Strategies

  • This class was created by popular demand for advanced students who want to apply several of aspects of the Balance Method in one treatment.
  • Understand HOW, WHEN and WHY to mix treatment strategies in clinical practice.
  • Tie everything together as the perfect ending to the four-day intensive. Countless case studies and demos will clarify how to choose the best strategies in real-life scenarios.

Balancing the 8 Extra + Scalp Acupuncture

  • Expand your knowledge of the Eight Extras in relation to Balance Method theory.
  • Learn how to incorporate the Eight Extras to enhance the effectiveness of your treatments.
  • Use Confluent points along with the Yin/Yang Balancing Dynamic for extraordinary results.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your treatments by gaining new understanding of the uses of Scalp Acupuncture.

Balance Method Gongfa Cultivation – Healer Heal Thyself

Balance Method Gongfa is a system of self-care exercises integrated from several lineages of physical, energy, and healing cultivation. It includes static, dynamic, sitting, standing, and breathing exercises to regulate autonomic function and synchronize circadian rhythm. The training draws from traditional practices such as qigong, meditation, and martial arts but is continually refined through findings from clinical insights and modern research.

  • For all practitionners, Gongfa is thus a practical complement with the following main benefits:

    • Protects the practitioner from resonating with internal and external pathogenic influences from patients.
    • Increases the practitioner’s efficiency, effectiveness, and intuition for diagnosis and treatment.
    • Helps practitioners keep balance, avoid exhaustion, and exert stronger positive presence on patients.

For acupuncturists, Gongfa more specifically optimizes results during the needling phase. Like Balance Method Acupuncture, Gongfa also utilizes a three-step process to deliberately apply the practitioner’s intention, emotion, and action towards treatment results. Gongfa can be directly implemented by acupuncturists to upgrade their clinical work as well as prescribed to patients to enhance the stability of their acupuncture treatments.

Each Gongfa class is customized to attendees and may therefore vary. However, the following are selected sample topics:

  • Build immunity against physical and psychological stressors
  • Coordinate your limbs and torso to improve circulation flow
  • Center and extend the power of your mind, heart, and body
  • Use breath as a tool to tune the autonomic nervous system
  • Develop a sense of your internal organs to keep homeostasis
  • Sync your neuro-musculo-skeletal systems for aligned function
  • Activate innate intelligence including your instinct and intuition
  • Maintain calm while facing difficult patients or busy situations


Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris

Please note: classroom change
Day 1: Le Collège Néerlandais
Days 2-3-4: La Maison des étudiants d’Asie du sud-est
17 Boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris
+33 (0)1 44 16 64 00
Download the map: Map CIUP

Public transportation:

– RER line B: stop Cité Universitaire
– Tramway line T3a: stop Cité Universitaire
From Paris CDG airport: take the RER B from Terminal 2. 45min.
From Paris Orly airport:
– take the airport train Orlyval, stop at Antony, take the RER B. 40min.
– take the Orlybus from terminal South, direction Denfer-Rochereau. Stop at Montsouris – Tombe Issoire, walk 700m (9min)

Villa Royale Montsouris

144 Rue de la Tombe Issoire, 75014 Paris
+33 1 56 53 89 89

Hôtel du Parc Montsouris

4 Rue du Parc de Montsouris, 75014 Paris
+33 1 45 89 09 72

More accommodation option:

Tuition (inclusive of all taxes).

Class full. Please contact us by email to register on the waiting list.
Prerequisite to attend this class: all the all the following Advanced classes:
Meridian Conversion, Seasonal Balance, Balance the 5 Elements, Strategy of 12 Magical Points.


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    Vanessa Leite Dipl.Ac.
    +351 939418126
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