Utrecht – Core Foundations Track – 2018

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This 4 day class is a prerequisite to any advanced class. Complimentary Gong Fa will be taught on days 1 and 2.

  • Day 1: April 19th 9H-10H: Gong Fa / 10H-18H: Clinical Wonders with Acupuncture 1,2,3

    Day 2: April 20th 9H-10H: Gong Fa / 10H-18H: Clinical Wonders in Practice.
    Prerequisite: Day 1

    Day 3: April 21st 10H-18H: Global Balance for Functional Disorders.
    Prerequisite: Days 1 & 2

    Day 4: April 22nd 10H-18H: Global Balance in Practice.
    Prerequisite: Days 1 & 2 & 3

    • This course is approved by NVA (code AT) and by Zhong
      7 CEUs per day. All classes are approved for CEUs in Category One by the California and Illinois State Boards. Please note that NCCAOM accepts California CEUs as valid units. Please check with your individual state board for specific licensing requirements.

    This class will be taught by Dr. Delphine Armand, Dr. Paul Wang and/or Dr. Eileen Han.

    Core Foundations Track is full of HANDS-ON TRAINING!!
    Si Yuan Team wants to be absolutely certain that each participant will achieve great results in clinical practice after finishing his seminar. Students will be supervised as they practice on each other.

    Gong Fa

    Balance Method Gong Fa is a system of exercises integrated from several lineages of physical, energy and healing cultivation.
    The training method draws from traditional practices such as meditation and martial arts but is continually refined through clinical application and modern research. Cultivation includes static, dynamic, sitting, standing, and breathing exercises to regulate autonomic function and synchronize circadian rhythm.
    Balance Method Gong Fa is complementary to acupuncture with the following main benefits:

    • Helps the practitioner keep balance, avoid exhaustion and exert a positive influence on patients during treatments
    • Protects the practitioner from catching the pathogenic influence (“sick Qi”) of the patient
    • Increases the practitioner’s efficiency, effectiveness and intuition

    Day 1: Clinical Wonders with Acupuncture 1,2,3

    • Discover a logical Three-Step Strategy to immediately and effectively treat all localized symptoms such as pain, numbness, stiffness, tingling or burning sensations, etc.
    • Understand the classical origin of Si Yuan Team’s Master’s famous 6 Systems which tie up 2,000 years of Chinese Medicine into a simple balancing pattern. You will be amazed how scattered concepts suddenly make sense!
    • Learn the Golden Rules to make acupuncture work consistently.

    Day 2: Clinical Wonders in Practice

    • Learn the “Matrix Analysis Technique” to balance complications using a minimal number of meridians in your treatment.
    • Countless real-life case studies and demonstrations ensure you will have analyzed the most common pain patterns seen in clinical practice.
    • Some lucky participants will be invited to palpate Ashi points and insert needles under the teacher’s supervision.

    Day 3: Global Balance for Functional Disorders

    • Apply the Taiji Dynamic Structure to treat functional diseases and whole-body pain.
    • Practice different Four-Meridian Treatment Strategies for whole body issues such as allergic, digestive, cardiac, respiratory or uro-gynecological diseases.
    • Convert Western medical diagnoses into correct acupuncture diagnoses for accurate treatments
    • Discover Si Yuan Team’s Master’s famous and most effective point combinations.

    Day 4: Global Balance in Practice

    • Review and combine all the theory and demonstrations from the past three days.
    • Utilize a simple and effective wisdom when approaching patients who simultaneously exhibit local and internal disorders.
    • End the four-day series feeling no questions were left unanswered!

    Verhuur UCK

    Domplein 4, 3512 JC, Utrecht, Holland
    +31 (030) 233 99 17

    Public transportation

    – 900m (12min walk) from Utrecht Central Station
    – 110m (2min walk) from Utrecht Domplein Station

    Mother Goose Hotel
    Ganzenmarkt 26, City Centre, 3512 GE Utrecht
    +31 30 303 6300

    Hotel Dom
    Domstraat 4, 3512 JB Utrecht
    +31 30 232 4242

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