AcuWorkshop (BMA2) & Gong Fa Intensive (BMC3)
Madrid, Spain – 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th November 2020

Conference in English, translated into Spanish

It is required to have participated at least twice to all four days of the AcuCore [previously called Core Foundations] before attending this class.

Day 1: November 5th 9H-18H
Day 2: November 6th 9H-18H
Day 3: November 7th 9H-18H
Day 4: November 8th 9H-18H

Topics: AcuWorkshop & Gong Fa Intensive

Practice Proficiency: Integrating Balance Method Acupuncture and Gong Fa

This AcuWorkshop progressive course was created for students who want a more hands-on application of the essential material presented in the AcuCore fundamentals course. It is an interactive class with many demonstrations and encourages clinical case discussions among participants. Practice takes place in small groups under guidance, consultation and supervision. The program and flow of each class is customized to attendees and contents may therefore vary.

  • Practice your Acupuncture 1, 2, 3 logic step-by-step through numerous case studies and interactive treatments.
  • Refine your application of the Six Systems, Local Balance, Global Balance, Mirror, and Image principles.
  • Learn to customize your needling technique to each patient’s condition.
  • Resolve the questions, doubts and blockages you have encountered in your clinic.

Si Yuan’s classes are accredited for continuing education by most acupuncture associations worldwide. Please contact us to enquire about a specific association

This class will be taught by Dr. Delphine Armand and/or Dr. Paul Wang.

Classes offering translation will finish between 18h00-18h30 depending on the flow of the class.

Espacio Ronda

Ronda de Segovia 50, 28005 Madrid, Spain
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+34 (0)913661041
Metro station: Puerta de Toledo
– station: Puerta de Toledo
– lines: 3, 23, 35, 41, 148, C1 and C2
From the airport:
– by taxi: 35€ to anywhere in Madrid city
– by train: C1 is direct from the aiport T4, stop at Cercanías Pirámides and walk 10min.
– by bus: take the terminal shuttle bus (5€) until Atocha, then bus C1 until Puerta de Toledo.

Hotel Puerta de Toledo
Glorieta Puerta de Toledo, 4 Madrid
+34 914 747 100

Hotel Praga Madrid
Antonio López, 65, 28019, Madrid
+34 914 690 600

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Tuition (inclusive of all taxes).

Prerequisite : It is required to have participated at least twice to all four days of the AcuCore before attending this class.

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Seats are limited.


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  • Nora Morenza Lic. Ac.

    Sandra Wilfert Dipl.Ac.
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    Vanessa Leite Dipl.Ac.
    +351 939418126
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