Balance Method Conference – Taipei, Taiwan

  • Honoring our late Grandmaster
    Dr. Richard Tehfu Tan.

    Si Yuan is excited to announce the first ever Balance Method Conference in Taipei, Taiwan

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    December 3 – 6, 2020

  • Come as a presenter or participant!

    We welcome paper submissions, lectures on case studies, patient reports, clinical research or theoretical development related to the three Balance Method Tracks:

    Balance Method Acupuncture (clinical theory or application)

    Balance Method Ba Zi (birth chart analysis)

    Balance Method Cultivation (Gong Fa self-care)

The conference honoring late Grandmaster Dr. Richard Tehfu Tan.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to pay tribute to Dr. Tan’s immense and outstanding contribution to Chinese Medicine!

Reconnect with the roots of the Balance Method, share your clinical experience, and present personal developments in its concepts.

  • Enjoy the beautiful island country of Taiwan known for its open society, friendly people, and delicious cuisine.

    Meet old colleagues and make new friends who share your love of the Balance Method.

    Inspire your growth in Balance Method acupuncture.

    Please stay tuned for specific details.

    Gerald Friz Lic. Ac.

    Cecilia Lucenti

  • Nora Morenza Lic. Ac.

    Sandra Wilfert Dipl.Ac.
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    Vanessa Leite Dipl.Ac.
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