Si Yuan Balance Method Cultivation Track

Gong Fa is daily self-care cultivation. We know that most illnesses start as mental, emotional, and physical stress that, if not discharged, becomes chronic inflammation. This epigenetic process produces diverse symptoms and sicknesses, but their root is imbalance. Health is coherent communication and disease is incoherent miscommunication. As a Balance Method practitioner, we always seek equilibrium. Our goal is regeneration rather than degeneration.

The classical principles you learn in our Balance Method Acupuncture Core Foundations Track AcuCore (Core Foundations), such as Yin Yang, Ba Gua, Mirror and Image are not just abstract concepts. Besides applying them to acupuncture, you can directly embody them for greater awareness, wellness, relaxation, and efficacy both clinically and personally. Through the cumulative benefits of Gong Fa on your mind, heart, and body, your best self emerges to affect your patients, friends, family, and community by positive example.

  • For all healthcare practitioners, Gong Fa is thus a practical complement to :

    • Protect the practitioner from resonating with internal and external pathogenic influences.
    • Increase practitioner efficiency, and intuition for diagnosis and treatment.
    • Help practitioner keep centered, avoid exhaustion, and exert stronger positive presence on patients.
    • Optimize results during the needling phase with a simple three-step process.
    • Prescribe to patients to enhance the stability of their acupuncture treatments.

For acupuncturists, Gong Fa more specifically optimizes results during the needling phase. Like Balance Method Acupuncture, Gong Fa also utilizes a three-step process to deliberately apply the practitioner’s intention, emotion, and action towards treatment results. Gong Fa can be directly implemented by acupuncturists to upgrade their clinical work as well as prescribed to patients to enhance the stability of their acupuncture treatments.


Si Yuan Balance Method Cultivation Track consists of the following courses:

  • Gong Fa Introduction (~ 4 Hours) BMC1
  • Gong Fa Immersion (~ 8 Hours) BMC2
  • Gong Fa Intensive (~ 12 Hours) BMC3
  • Gong Fa Integration (~ 16 Hours) BMC4
  • Gong Fa Retreat (2-4 Days)

Each Gong Fa training is customized to attendees and contents may therefore vary. However, the following are selected sample topics:

  • Build immunity against physical and psychological stressors.
  • Coordinate your breath, limbs and torso to improve circulation flow.
  • Concentrate and express the power of your intention.
  • Tune your autonomic nervous system and internal organ function.
  • Activate innate intelligence to upgrade yourself and manifest vision.
  • Maintain calm while facing difficult people and challenging situations.
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  • Cancelation Policy

    80% refund will be offered if we receive your cancellation at the latest 15 business days before the first day of the seminar you registered to. No refund will be issued after the 15 days' deadline. All refunds are issued in euros or Swiss francs, depending on the available funds of Si Yuan Balance Method SARL. Any bank fees, commissions or exchange rates related to the refund are the responsibility of the customer. Such fees will not be covered by Si Yuan Balance Method SARL.