Si Yuan Balance Method Acupuncture Certification Program

Because of the worldwide popularity of the Balance Method, we often receive requests for referrals to practitioners who are well trained in the Balance Method. We also receive frequent requests for apprenticeship with Si Yuan instructors.

Si Yuan is greatly honored to continue the Balance Method legacy. Over many years shared in his clinic, seminars, airplanes, restaurants and hotels, Si Yuan Team’s Master prepared Eileen, Delphine and Paul as a team to someday take over his task. He was too generous to let his method extinguish with him, yet he knew his mission couldn’t be left in the hands of unexperienced or incompletely trained apprentices.

While many thousands of practitioners have attended Balance Method seminars, some people only attend one class while others become dedicated students. Likewise, some people only use the Balance Method occasionally while others dedicate 100% of their practice to it. And, sadly, some people receive incorrect teaching from lecturers without proper knowledge and experience in the Balance Method.

The Si Yuan Team feels that well trained and dedicated students should receive its endorsement. For this reason, we have decided to certify practitioners who are proficient in high quality Balance Method. Only these certified practitioners will be listed as referrals on Si Yuan’s website so patients can find a qualified acupuncturist in their city.

We are also aware that many acupuncturists had access to Si Yuan trainings only recently. Since new practitioners of the Balance Method can already achieve amazing clinical results, we decided to open a separate list for practitioners who are not yet certified. This list is open to acupuncturists who attended at least one Core Foundations Track and assert that they utilize the Balance Method in practice.

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