Si Yuan Case Study Guidelines

Please carefully read the following guidelines.

Missing or illegible information will result in delay or rejection of your application.

* Please submit only case studies from your own clinic.

* Patient must have been treated using only Si Yuan’s Balance Method with no other concurrent TCM treatments.

* All case studies should strictly follow the formatting below or your application will be automatically rejected.

Your information:
– first and last name
– order number (found on your application fees)
– names of any and all related file names (ie, pictures, videos)

Case study title:

Date of patient visit:

Patient’s short history/complaints:

Acupuncture diagnoses and treatment strategy: (please clearly identify the different steps)

Acupuncture treatment (please use one chart for each follow up treatment):

Right hand meridian points Left hand meridian points
Right foot meridian points Left foot meridian points

Other points:

Patient’s response to the first treatment:

Follow-up treatments: (please include: total number of treatments, frequency of treatments or treatment dates, adjustments made to the original treatment, differences in outcomes between initial and follow-up treatments)


* If your case study includes pictures or videos, please refer to all file names at the relevant areas of your case description and give a clear name that aligns with the contents of each picture/video file.

* Structure, clarity and precision are required and taken into consideration for the assessment of your case study.