Si Yuan Community

The mission of Si Yuan is to not only strengthen the practice of the Balance Method worldwide but to build a global community of BM practitioners that continues to grow, evolve, and support each other.  Si Yuan also seeks to serve as a fountain of inspiration that continues to have a ripple effect in spreading the ethos behind the Balance Method with every interaction that its student practitioners have with their respective communities.

To that effect, once someone embarks on their first AcuCore class, Si Yuan welcomes them into a large diverse global community that will support their maturation as confident seasoned practitioners at every stage of their development.  Si Yuan does this by:

  • Maintaining an active social media network (Facebook, Instagram) that is moderated by Si Yuan in many different languages.  Here you will find regularly published case studies and clarification of teachings aimed at strengthening your clinical skills to grow your practice.
  • Maintaining and building a rigorous Practitioner Certification program to standardize the professional standard of BM practitioners worldwide;
  • Publishing the Certified Practitioner List (including “Network Members”) and promoting its availability to anyone seeking a BM practitioner in their community.
  • Publishing regular newsletters with select case studies, practice highlights, as well as announcements of the various Si Yuan sponsored activities and events happening around the world.  Here you will also find inspirational practitioner spotlights and BM stories of interest.
  • Providing unique apprenticeship opportunities through their sister organization, the Global Balance Foundation, whose goal is to not only provide rigorous practitioner internships but to spread the practice of BM in many other corners of the world.

The Si Yuan team is composed of a core team of people that dedicate their time and effort to strengthen the global Si Yuan community and help to spread the Balance Method worldwide.


  • Si Yuan Balance Method SARL
    Avenue de-la-Harpe 25
    1007 Lausanne

  • Cancelation Policy

    80% refund will be offered if we receive your cancellation at the latest 15 business days before the first day of the seminar you registered to. No refund will be issued after the 15 days' deadline. All refunds are issued in euros or Swiss francs, depending on the available funds of Si Yuan Balance Method SARL. Any bank fees, commissions or exchange rates related to the refund are the responsibility of the customer. Such fees will not be covered by Si Yuan Balance Method SARL.