Balance Method by Si Yuan

The three Si Yuan Team members shared a close relationship as disciples of their Shifu (Master) over many years. Before his passing, he trained Delphine Armand and Paul Wang to continue to impart his knowledge and experience in every aspect of their acupuncture treatments and professional trainings. With humble gratitude, these three accepted their mission as a team, promising their eternal devotion, constancy and loyalty.

Balance Method by Si Yuan is a pledge to stay true to the highest quality and faithfulness of their Marster’s teachings. Delphine and Paul will also share valuable clinical pearls gleaned through practicing in his clinic and practical wisdom acquired by simply being in the presence of such a wise and unique man.

Si Yuan Team’s Master spent decades to refine and teach his Balance Method. To honor that, Si Yuan serves to accurately pass on this knowledge in our classes so that you can:

  • Learn the Balance Method according to Si Yuan Team’s Master: A crystal-clear, three-step strategy and logical basis for accurately selecting the precise points that will give you instant results.
  • Avoid needling affected areas: Your patients can move their joints and feel relief within seconds. No need to wait until the next visit to gain their trust!
  • Master meridian pathway and palpation diagnosis: Discover the ancient and classical way to reach an accurate acupuncture diagnosis.
  • Understand why traditional acupuncture point functions are not empirical: All can be explained by a very logical procedure.
  • Observe daily demonstration: The Si Yuan Instructor will treat patients and students during the class, proving the speed and efficacy of the Balance Method!
  • Successfully treat many patients efficiently: The Balance Method allows you to process clinical information quickly. This is a precious asset for high-volume, multi-bed or community acupuncture treatments.
  • Get all your questions answered: Everything will be discussed with no withholding of information or unclear theories!

Si Yuan Instructors will always share their full knowledge, wisdom and experience while only teaching verified concepts confirmed by Si Yuan Team’s Master in his busy clinic for decades.

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    80% refund will be offered if we receive your cancellation at the latest 15 business days before the first day of the seminar you registered to. No refund will be issued after the 15 days' deadline. All refunds are issued in euros or Swiss francs, depending on the available funds of Si Yuan Balance Method SARL. Any bank fees, commissions or exchange rates related to the refund are the responsibility of the customer. Such fees will not be covered by Si Yuan Balance Method SARL.