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Please visit our page Train & Register then click on the class you wish to attend. You will be directed to the class webpage including all practical information. At the bottom of the page, please click on the “add to cart” button corresponding to how many days you wish to attend. If you have a discount coupon, please enter it before clicking on “Proceed to check out”. You will then be directed to a registration form. Please make sure you fill out all required fields before submitting your form.

No, we do need one registration for each participant.
Please kindly ask your colleague to complete his/her own registration or you can register him/her by filling out a different registration form.

If your registration went through, you should receive an automatic confirmation email with your order number such as n°2345.
Your order will be marked as “processing” until the class is finished.

Please log into your account to access the list of all your orders. From there you can:
– update your billing address, shipping address, phone number and other information from your “profile” (please click on “edit your password and account details”)
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For any other change, please kindly email us.

Email is the best way to receive a FAST reply.
We usually reply within 24 to 48 business hours. Should you not receive a reply within 72 business hours, please kindly send your email again.

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  • We do not accept checks or bank transfers.

Yes. To book your seat it is necessary to pay online when filling out the online registration form.
Should you have difficulties to pay or would like to request to pay by installments, please contact us.

As long as the class is not full, there is no deadline for booking your place at any of Si Yuan’s seminars. When the class is full, it will show on the webpage of this particular course.
There is no deadline for payment either. However, please note that credit card payments are only available for advance payment online and cannot be accepted in person in class.

The teaching USUALLY starts at either 9am or 10am and finishes at 6pm every day. Classes offering translation will finish between 18h00-18h30 depending on the flow of the class. Please check on the webpage of the class you are attending for specific starting and ending times. We kindly ask ALL participants to come to the classroom every morning at least 30min before the class starts for the final registration process.

Yes, books are for sale at the seminar.
For classes translated into French, French language books are primarily available. For classes translated into German, German language books are primarily available.
Please note that we only accept cash payment in class.

Yes, after the class is finished, all participants will receive a certificate of participation by email. To avoid our email to be directed to your spam box, please add our email address to your contact list. Should you not receive your certificate within 15 business days after the class finished, please note that you can download it from your account on Si Yuan.
Si Yuan’s classes are accredited by most acupuncture associations worldwide.

Log in to your account on Si Yuan’s website, where you will find all upcoming and completed courses listed by their order number. Find the order number corresponding to the seminar you need a certificate for and click on “View Certificate”. Your certificate will download automatically.

No, it is not allowed to record any of Si Yuan’s classes by any means. However you can take pictures or record the demonstration time as long as you receive permission from the patients who are being treated.

Yes, in some classes. However, Si Yuan Instructors teach in the traditional Chinese way of “practice to learn” (xí ér xúe 習而學). The class is not a preset PowerPoint presentation. Si Yuan Instructors write out every important concept on the board, allowing time for participants to handcraft notes in their own words. This active “hands-on” engagement is much more beneficial to train the brain than passively getting “handouts”. Your time is precious, so we won’t let you leave the class with 50 pages of printouts that you are unlikely to ever read. Si Yuan Instructors and Assistants will support you in absorbing the Balance Method during class so you are ready to apply it successfully upon returning to your clinic!

There is no prerequisite for acupuncture practitioners or acupuncture students attending Si Yuan’s AcuCore starting from Day 1.
For other classes, please kindly check the details for each individual course program where specific prerequisites are listed.

Yes, as the Balance Method is not taught in TCM schools, Si Yuan’s Instructor will go through all concepts you need to fully understand his teachings.
All you need to review is the meridian pathways and the Chinese meridian names (for example: SP is Foot TaiYin, ST is Foot YangMing etc…).

Yes, the Balance Method is not taught in TCM schools. If you have never been to any of Si Yuan’s classes before, you will be lost and frustrated in the AcuAdvance.
Please join the AcuCore before attending any AcuAdvance so you can benefit from all the material being taught.

No, we strongly recommend all practitioners to attend all 4 days of the AcuCore before joining any of the Advanced classes.
Books generally provide a very good clinical guidance, however they do not contain the full explanation of the Balance Method and its origin. This can only be provided by live teaching and is essential to deeply understand the Method and thus enjoying its full potential of healing.

Acupuncture 1,2,3 is equivalent to days 1 and 2 of Si Yuan’s AcuCore. Global Balance for Functional Disorders is equivalent to days 3 and 4 of the Si Yuan’s AcuCore. Days 1 and 2 of Si Yuan’s AcuCore will focus on learning the 6 Systems, the Image/Mirror formats, the combination of several Systems and on practicing the Balance Method on many commonly seen local disorders. Days 3 and 4 of Si Yuan’s AcuCore will focus on learning the Global Balance concept and on applying it to local and internal problems from head to toes. These days are designed like workshops where participants needle each other to ensure they have successfully practiced the Balance Method on most of the disorders seen daily in clinical practice.
From our experience, practitioners always benefit a lot from repeating classes. Also, practitioners who attended both the previous and new classes gave us excellent feedback on this new teaching track. If you are already at ease with the 6 Systems and don’t need to rely on your notes, we suggest you take the last 2 days of Si Yuan’s AcuCore. If not, it is better you attend all 4 days.

The prerequisite for the AcuAdvance is completion of all 4 days of the AcuCore at least once.
Beyond this, we recommend that practitioners who join any of the Advanced classes should be very familiar with the following concepts:

  • Acupuncture diagnoses
  • 6 Balancing Systems: the practitioner should know the 6 systems by heart and feel at ease combining them (matrix analysis).
  • Mirroring and Imaging: the practitioner should feel at ease with the following concepts: Mirror, Reversed Mirror, Image, Reverse Image.
  • Global Balance concept: definition, how to construct a Global Balance, when to use Global Balance.
  • Global Balance patterns: name, meridians and indications of each pattern.
  • Practice of the Balance Method: the practitioner should already practice all of the above concepts every day in clinical practice without notes.

We strongly recommend that practitioners who are not fully confident with the concepts studied in the AcuCore repeat at least days 3 and 4 before joining the AcuAdvance.

  • Si Yuan’s Instructors always teach for both the first-time students and the more advanced students who are repeating the class. That’s why the first time you participate, you will not catch all of the more advanced concepts the instructor teaches for the repeating students, simply because your brain is busy assimilating the fundamental concepts. We have seen and talked to many students who repeated Day 1 several times and they have always been amazed at how much more they gained from the class.
  • Your level of absorption will change after you have practiced the Balance Method for weeks/months in your clinic. Questions will automatically arise and classes are the best place to find answers or dissolve blockages you may have faced in your clinic.
  • Si Yuan’s Instructors do not only pass on knowledge. Their teaching is always influenced by their most updated research and his latest clinical experience.
  • Although it is very simple, the Balance Method by Si Yuan is an open window to an infinity of treatment possibilities. It took Si Yuan’s Master many years of study, research, experiment and clinical experience to create this amazingly effective and logical strategy. So don’t feel bad, mastering all of its beauty may take you more than 4 days!
  • Si Yuan’s teaching is very dynamic, classes are not restricted to preset notes and each training will be influenced by the audience’s flow and questions.

Not necessarily. Si Yuan’s Instructors always teach the Balance Method from the very beginning.

Similarities: very effective points, distal points (the affected area is not needled)

Differences : no specific needling technique, immediate results after needle insertion, no points to memorize. Indeed, the Balance Method gives a clear 3-step thinking process from an acupuncture diagnosis to a precise combination of points and Ashi points. Because it is a strategy, there are no point indications to memorize as the points are unveiled from the thinking process.

Yes, the Balance Method is a strategy/thinking process to guide you from a correct acupuncture diagnosis to a very effective combination of treatment points. These points may be stimulated by different techniques: massage, laser, electricity, heat etc…
Because treatment points will always be distal to the affected area (pain, surgery, burns, damaged skin, swollen joint, eyes…), there is no contraindication to any stimulation technique.

Why Si Yuan gives no discount for repeating classes:

1. Returning students benefit more by deeper absorption into the curriculum. Thus you are actually able to receive greater value than before.
2. Each class is not just crucial repetition but a new experience with live demos and different cases rather than dry information or fixed knowledge.
3. By applying the teachings, you can double or triple your income from successful patient outcomes and referrals. Repeating class amplifies your return on investment.
4. Your tuition directly supports expanding accessibility of Balance Method classes and missions worldwide especially in new and developing countries.

80% refund will be offered if we receive your cancelation at the latest 15 business days before the first day of the seminar you registered to. No refund will be issued after the 15 days’ deadline.

We appreciate your enthusiasm in continuing your education with Si Yuan. However, we do not recommend attending an AcuAdvance training without having repeated an AcuCore seminar at least once. There is a gap between the two trainings and there’s a risk you will simply feel lost and frustrated. We are aware of the personal and financial investment committed to our seminars and we consider it unfortunate to attend a seminar without being prepared. Equally, we also wish to respect the participants of the AcuAdvance seminar and avoid disturbing the class with questions on concepts related to an AcuCore training and which should already be mastered. Based on our experience, a lot of time is lost answering questions, which would have never been asked, had the participant been prepared before attending an AcuAdvance.

The AcuCore is not a basic course which serves as a stepping stone to the advanced seminar. It’s the essence of the Balance Method, which once mastered, allows to treat more than 80% of the cases experienced daily in your clinic. These basic concepts require much more than 4 days to assimilate in an optimal manner. You have to practice daily and repeat a seminar in order to deepen your comprehension, correct any mistakes, answer questions brought up in clinical practice and assimilate everything which was missed and not absorbed the first time. Even if there is a common core to each seminar, each training is different. It is not a strict repetition.

Under good conditions, AcuCore is the indispensable level needed to follow an AcuAdvance seminar. It’s the reason why Si Yuan First Level Certification requires having attended 3 AcuCore seminars but not a single AcuAdvance training. If you wish to only attend one seminar a year, it’s preferable to redo an AcuCore and then to attend an AcuAdvance.

One of our regular participants expressed “It’s a very traditional process to redo the basics several times. Repetition is, in my opinion, a practical method by which “from the consciously incapable we become the unconsciously capable.” It’s an apprenticeship which becomes anchored in our soul and heart to transmit the best what we can to our community.“

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  • Cancelation Policy

    80% refund will be offered if we receive your cancellation at the latest 15 business days before the first day of the seminar you registered to. No refund will be issued after the 15 days' deadline. All refunds are issued in euros or Swiss francs, depending on the available funds of Si Yuan Balance Method SARL. Any bank fees, commissions or exchange rates related to the refund are the responsibility of the customer. Such fees will not be covered by Si Yuan Balance Method SARL.