A Facebook group and a Google forum are ready for you to share clinical cases, help other practitioners, ask questions etc… These groups are open to all of you who already attended at least one of Si Yuan’s trainings.

By joining the group you agree to:

please read carefully:

  • Subjects: discussions, questions, advices relate exclusively to the Balance Method.
  • Expression: please be respectful and courteous to others.
  • Advertisement: members are not allowed to post any advertisement.
  • Questions: to get the fastest help from other members, we strongly recommend you to always mention:
    – diagnose: what are the affected meridians and on which side?
    – treatments: what you already tried and didn’t work.

How to join the group

To join the Facebook group please simply connect to your Facebook account and visit: Si Yuan’s Balance Method Facebook group by clicking HERE. Please note: this is a closed group, new members will be added upon approval of an administrator, thank you for your patience. Important: Please contact the group admin directly if you are not identified as an acupuncturist in your profile.

To join the Google group a Gmail email address or a Google account is required. (If you don’t have one, please click here.)
If you already have a Gmail email, please click here to connect to the Google group. If you are not already logged in your Gmail address, you will be automatically asked to.
Once logged in you will see:

Si Yuan Balance Method Group
You must be a member of this group to view and participate in it.

Please click on “Apply for membership” right below.
A small window will pop up with a few settings for you to choose:

  • Name to display: choose how your name will show on the forum.
  • Email to use: choose which email address to receive the messages to. The choices showing there depend on how many email adresses you linked to your Google or gmail account. you can always update this by changing the settings of your Google or gmail account.
  • Messages: choose the frequency of messages you want to receive from the group by clicking on the dropdown arrow.
  • Introduce yourself: please briefly introduce yourself and mention which of Si Yuan’s classes you have attended.

Then click on “Apply to join this group”.
Your application will be reviewed by the group moderators. You will receive an email notification once your application has been approved and you can start discussing with other members.

Enjoy the Forum!

Please kindly wait for your Facebook or Google group membership to be approved by an administrator. This could take a few business days.

Relevant links for the Google group only: