Intern with Si Yuan

Enhance your training by shadowing Dr. Han

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    Dr. Han supports WHICARES projects.


    Joint Worldwide Healthcare Initiative for the people in need. More Info

  • Dr. Eileen Han learned from Dr. Tan that the best way to experience the Balance Method was to observe it in clinical practice. She interned with him for many years and now teaches practitioners directly from all around the world.

    She offers a limited number of spaces for “clinical observation” in her busy San Diego practice.

    Apply for one or more 3-hour shifts so you can directly see her diagnostic methods, needling techniques, treatment style, and business strategies for running a busy clinic seeing multiple patients per hour.

    A minimum 3-hour shift is recommended per weekend (total of 9 hours), however participants may elect to attend an unlimited number of shift hours. Note that all shift hours may be applied to the 40 hour Internship required for Upper Level Practitioner Balance Method certification.

    For more information about Clinical Observation scheduling and requirements ONLY, please click here to send your specific questions.

Become a Humanitarian Acupuncture Volunteer

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    Develop new skills while helping
    communities in need.

  • Dr. Delphine Armand and Dr. Paul Wang offer clinical supervision at Global Balance Foundations’ humanitarian missions.

    Learn to make quick treatment decisions and develop confidence and ease to handle a high patient volume.

    Positions available:
    – Acupuncturist: provide acupuncture treatment to patients
    – Acupuncture Assistant: observe Balance Method acupuncturists and assist in consultations

    Clinical Observation and Supervision includes question and debriefing periods, corrections on needling technique, protocols for commonly seen conditions, etc. More information.

    Both Acupuncturists and Acupuncture Assistants will receive clinical supervision from Si Yuan instructors during the mission that is applicable towards Balance Method certification.