Casi Clinici

Per aiutare a spiegare il Metodo di Equilibrio abbiamo deciso di condividere il seguente materiale. I video non sono ne’ prodotti ne’ di proprietà di Si Yuan.

Queste esperienze sono solo alcuni esempi di tutti quei trattamenti che hanno avuto esiti positivi e che ci sono stati inviati dai professionisti agopuntori che hanno usato il Metodo di Equilibrio. Aggiungeremo altri casi nel corso del tempo. Ringraziamo tutti gli studenti da tutto il mondo che si sono presi il tempo di condividere i loro casi clinici. Se voleste pubblicare i vostri casi di studio per ispirare altri professionisti si prega di inviarli con un’ email.

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Look at this clinical case ~MAI TAN
A week of wonders, smiles, and tears of happiness.
During the training of dr. Tan I was pleased to learn about the logic and effectiveness of acupuncture.
Up till then, I found acupuncture a useful addition to chinese herbal medicine, but not exceptional.
During the course, dr. Tan suggested to treat 21 patients with his method after the course when back at our practice.
Below are a few cases of my first week of using dr. Tan's balance method.
- Monday morning after the course, a patient phoned with severe pain in both feet and difficulty walking since 10 months. Western medication is morphine.
Before needling I could not touch soles and toes without causing a severe increase in pain.
After needling I could tap on it. The patient did not experience any pain.
Smiles and tears of happiness, because this was the first time in 10 months that the patient could walk without pain.
For the patient a small miracle. For dr. Tan’s balance method the logic of acupuncture.
- A patient with severe abdominal pain for weeks. Patient could not walk straight and was brought in by family. After three treatments the patient arrived on bike. The pain was only slightly in the background. An enormous improvement.
- A patient with an injured finger from falling. The patient could not bend the finger. Needles in the correct toe solved the problem. You should have seen the look on the patient's face. “Too good to be true!”, as dr. Tan says.
- Patient with diabetes and a tingling, numb sensation in legs and arms. Western medicine told this patient to get used to it, because it only gets worse over time.
Well, you've probably guessed it. After a few treatments the sensations in arms and legs are gone.
This was my best week of acupuncture in 12 years!

For me personally, I'm pleased to see that dr. Tan's balance method is rooted in the classics. It uses strategy and is not just another trick.
My approach to acupuncture has been changed for ever.
Acupuncture has been given back to the acupuncturist.
All my patients know that I used the balance method of dr. Tan, and they are very grateful. As am I. ~Kris Oosting, The Netherlands

Please watch the video:
Watch it now! ~Szenan Phua, New Zealand

Please watch the video:
Watch it now! ~Szenan Phua, New Zealand

I arrived back in Wellington yesterday afternoon and as I landed, a client contacted, saying his heart had gone into atrial defibrillation for the last 48 hours and could I see him urgently?
So I played around with meridian conversion, seasonal balance and 12 magical (deciding on 12 magical as it fitted his symptoms best).
45 mins after finishing treatment - which was when he arrived to see his doctor - his heart rate had returned to normal. Werhoo!!!
Thank you again - to you both - for sharing all your knowledge and experience. I got so much more than I ever expected from the workshop and feel so grateful to be able to take that into my treatments. ~Sally Flewelling, New Zealand

Please watch the video:
Watch it now! ~Szenan Phua, New Zealand

I’m an acupuncturist and practise acupuncture since 1998 here in the Netherlands.
In July this year I took part in Dr. Tan’s Balance training group in Utrecht.
Though it was my first training, I was immediately fascinated by what has been taught. Dr. Tan’s great knowledge and genius engineering has lifted the Acupuncture, as science into a high level which has never been or won’t ever been I'm afraid.
I just realize that there’s something impossible before become possible after the training.

Since then, back to home I’ve changed all my treatment plans according to what has been told from the Balance training. I have got some difficult cases in my clinic, they've been all improved now. Here's one example.

An old lady, born in 24-03-1936, came to my clinic in the company with her daughter, who suffered skin problem, especially ITCHING for 10 years. The diagnose from the specialists dermatologists is: LICHEN SCLEROSUS ET ATROFICUS.

She’s been under the treatment of the specialists also 10 years, without results. The itching and skin damage ( due to scratching and cortisol-cream using ) spread out of her body throughout the years.
In the beginning, she had the itchy around her waist, she said. At the time when she came to me, she had her whole trunk from her buttock to armpit, in the front as well as her back covered with old & new scratches, rough & dry skin, here and there red patches as rubella. And she was constantly scratching.

First, I thought what I would do as usual and what I’ve had in the Dr.Tan’s training course. Then I made a treatment plan according to Dr.
Tan’s method. Twice a week I treated her. Also I added a small amount herb, because she was very anxious, poor sleep, restlessness too.
After 2 weeks treatment she felt better, now about 2 months treatment her skin problem has improved 95% -98%. She and her daughter are very happy of it. This old lady told me by herself that she doesn’t need the itchy treatment anymore because she doesn’t feel any itching. Now she's curious how to preserve a long life. ~Xiang Tang, Netherlands

II attended Dr. Tan's London training a few weeks ago and I left with a lot of enthusiasm so since then I have completely changed around my clinic. I have three recliners and a bench in one room and I really like working this way.

Results have been really good so far for the most part and while there's certainly more of a shift trying to get already existing clients to change over, new clients are very happy with the set up.

The most impressive result I've seen is with an achilles tendon issue.
A man came into me who had damaged both achilles almost 3 years ago while weight lifting. He was in such pain in both legs that he didn't seem to know which leg to limp on. For the first 10 treatments he was very up and down and I questioned whether this would work but then one week he seemed to be more consistently better and one day after about 10 treatments he came in with a beaming smile and said he was in no pain.
I had needled on both arms, into the flexor carpi ulnaris tendon and ashi points along the SI, SJ and P channel areas. He is still in pain and has his bad days but layers are certainly stripping away currently.
Needless to say I'm very impressed with the system!

I really enjoyed attending Dr. Tan's class and I thought his enthusiasm and confidence was infectious. I would certainly consider doing another class with Dr. Tan again. ~Eoin Murphy, Ireland

Please watch the video:
Watch it now! ~Szenan Phua, New Zealand

Prostrate removed but PSA level elevated over 6 ng/ml with his Doctors very concerned for his health. He came to me to try acupuncture for help with his condition.

27/5/2015 was his first treatment

  • Sleep great
  • Bowels great
  • Energy good
  • Emotion good
  • Diet great

Pulse very strong in the left cun and the right chi positions. Tongue little coat white in colour. It must be noted that this man presented with an extremely strong pulse which confused me.
Points used pc 7, hrt 7, sp 5, liv 4, Li 5, sj 4, gb 40 , bl 62 and yin tang.

2nd treatment

Points used pc 6,7,9, liv 3,4,8, sj 1,3,5 and gb 34, 41, 44.

3rd treatment he reported having more energy even though his work was extremely busy.

Points used Hrt 4, 7, kid 3,9,10, sj 5 ling ku, da bai, gb 41, ub 65.

4th treatment he reported emotional stress from work and shao yin elbow pain

Points used hrt 4, lu zhen, so jing diang, si 3, Li3, gb 41, ub 65, kid 3,4,5, sp 9.

5th treatment elbow pain had gone

Points used Li 4, sj 5, st 36 gb 34, hrt 7, lung 7, pc 6, liv 3, sp 6, kid 3.

6th treatment he also reported right hip pain

Points used da bai, ling ku, ub 65, hrt 7, kid 3,8, ear shen men, yin tang, baihui.

7th treatment hip pain gone

Points used sj 3,5, gb 34, 41, het 4,7, kid 3,8, yin tang, baihui.

8th treatment blood test results in and PSA levels have gone down to 0.07. His GP and Surgeon are shocked and he is over the moon.

Points used sj 3,5, gb 34,41, hrt 7, kid 3,7 baihui, yin tang.

9th treatment he is feeling good about the results achieved so far.

Points used hrt 3,7, kid 3,7, sj 3,5,gb 34, 41, ear shen men, baihui, yintang.

10th treatment

Points used sj 3, ling ku, da bai, gb 34,41, hrt 3,7, pc 6, kid 3,7, liv 3, 4.

11th treatment

Points used sj 5, Li 11, si4, gb 34,st 36, pc 6, hrt 3,4,5,7, kid 3, liv 3, yin tang

12th treatment

Points used hrt 3, lung 5, da bai, ling ku, ub 65, gb 34, kid 3, liv 3, sp 9.

Over all there were 12 treatments in total over a period of 6 months. Great results were achieved for this man using the balance method.

Bien chère Delphine, Tout d'abord un tout grand merci pour le job que tu fais en traduisant continuellement le cours du Dr Tan ! J'espère que tu as pu te reposer quelque peu après le cours de Paris!
Ensuite pourrais-tu transmettre au Dr Tan le fait suivant merveilleusement extraordinaire ( mais normal pour lui!):
- un homme de 38 ans avec une sciatalgie invalidante majeure depuis 8 jours ( il ne pouvait bouger sans douleurs atroces) auquel je devais normalement faire une péridurale, avec la méthode du Dr Tan, après une minute, il s'est relevé et s'est mis à marcher !!! Le patient prenait 10 zaldiar par jour depuis 1semaine(!!!) Et le lendemain, il n'en a plus pris que 1 !!! Ensuite il n'a plus pris que 1 paracetamol et 1diclofenac 75mg ce qui est vraiment insignifiant par rapport à ce qu'il prenait pendant ses douleurs ! Le patient m'a dit texto que l'acupuncture lui avait sauvé la vie !!! Aussi quelle joie et enthousiasme pour moi! Merci Dr Tan!!!
Idem avec une capsulite de l'épaule ! ~Stephan van Lierde, Belgique

Patient de 63 ans avec un psoriasis qui s’étend sur les 2 jambes depuis la zone de la hanche jusqu’au pied. Il y a atteinte des ongles. Ce psoriasis est apparu voici 2 mois au niveau de la cuisse. Le dermatologue a diagnostiqué « champignons » et lui donna un traitement antibiotique qui provoqua une extension rapide du psoriasis. Un autre dermato diagnostiqua un psoriasis et prescrivit un traitement á base de corticoïdes sans résultat. Douleur chaque fois plus importante qui commence à limiter la mobilité de la patiente. Elle a du mal à marcher et monter les escaliers.
  • Psoriasis2
  • Psoriasis4
  • Psoriasis1

Il semblerait que l’apparition du psoriasis soit liée à un choc émotionnel.
L’interrogatoire nous apprend que la perte de sa mère quelques mois auparavant a déclenché des troubles émotionnels importants et que le psoriasis apparut à peine un mois après le décès.

Cette patiente vient du Luxembourg où elle réside et travaille. Elle dispose d’une maison à Estepona où se situe mon cabinet. Elle vient tous les mois et reste 1 semaine.
Lors de la première session elle a vraiment du mal à marcher et souffre apparemment beaucoup. De plus elle s’en va le lendemain au Luxembourg.

1º session : 16/04/2014 8 pts +1 TAN
2º session : 17/04/2014 8 pts +1 TAN
3º session : 18/04/2014 8 pts +1 TAN
4º session : 05/05/2014 8 pts +1 TAN
5º session : 07/05/2014 8 pts +1 TAN
6º session : 09/05/2014 8 pts +1 TAN
Elle gratte moins. Psoriasis moins rouge

7º session : 12/05/2014 8 pts +1 TAN
Amélioration très nette. Ne gratte plus

8º session : 14/05/2014 8 pts +1 TAN
Psoriasis beaucoup moins coloré. Les plaques superficielles ont presque toutes disparues

9º session : 16/05/2014 8 pts +1 TAN
10º session : 19/05/2014 8 pts +1 TAN
La peau est presque lisse sur toute la zone du psoriasis sauf sur une zone autour de Vb40.

11º session : 20/06/2014
Traitement saison fire P5, 10, 11 – GI 3, 4, 5 – E 45, 44, 43 – Rte 4, 5 ,9

12º session : 23/06/2014
Traitement saison fire P5, 10, 11 – GI 3, 4, 5 – E 45, 44, 43 – Rte 4, 5 ,9

13º session : 24/06/2014
Traitement saison fire P5, 10, 11 – GI 3, 4, 5 – E 45, 44, 43 – Rte 4, 5 ,9
Le psoriasis a disparu. Il reste toutefois le changement de pigmentation dans les zones les plus affectées auparavant par le psoriasis.

14º session : 13/08/2014
Il y a de moins en moins de zone blanchâtre. La peau est parfaitement lisse. La patiente ne gratte plus et dit dormir comme jamais auparavant. ~Jérôme Ducret, Espagne

Regardez la video:
Visionnez maintenant! ~Dr. Delphine Armand, France

Cette patiente vint à la première consultation avec une attitude agressive. Face rouge, débit de parole très rapide faisant les questions et les réponses.
Elle m’expliqua que depuis un an elle présentait des douleurs de type brûlure au niveau de toute la bouche, gorge, lèvres et langue. Sécheresse de la bouche qui l’oblige à sucer des bonbons toute la journée. La douleur apparu de manière presque subite et augmenta
d’intensité pendant plusieurs semaines. Les brûlures sont insupportables. Un Stomato diagnostiqua un syndrome de bouche brûlante sans cause évidente et précisant à ma patiente qu’il n’y avait aucun traitement pour ce type de syndrome.
La patiente me raconta qu’elle avait perdu sa mère adoptive voici un peu plus d’un an et qu’elle n’avait ni pleuré ni parlé. Elle ressentait le décès comme un énorme soulagement intérieur mais qu’elle ne pouvait pas l’exprimer aux autres. Les symptômes commencèrent peu après.
La patiente prend depuis l’âge de 27 ans des benzodiazépines, elle fut obligé par sa mère car elle considérait que sa fille ne dormait pas bien.
La patiente souffre d’insomnie. Elle est irritable

1º session vendredi 20/06/2014
F/Vb conversion saison FEU 36
IG 1, 5, 8 – C5, 7, 8
F 1, 3, 5 – Vb 34, 40, 43
+ yintang, anmien, shenmen

2º session lundi 23/06/2014
La patiente a changé complètement d’attitude. Elle me communique que la douleur n’est apparu ces 3 derniers jours que 6 heures après s’être levée et que l’intensité de la douleur a diminué d’environ 50%. Nous décidons de nous voir tous les jours pendant le
temps nécessaire Même traitement mais alternant C/IG VB/F

3º session Mardi 24/06/2014
Sans changement. Même traitement mais alternant C/IG VB/F

4º session Mercredi 25/06/2014
La patiente dit ne plus avoir les brûlures au niveau de la gorge un grande partie de la journée. Elles réapparaissent en toute fin de journée.

5º session Jeudi 26/06/2014
Sans changement. Même traitement mais alternant C/IG VB/F

6º session vendredi 27/06/2014
Sans changement. Même traitement mais alternant C/IG VB/F
Nous nous voyons toute la semaine suivante tous les jours et nous suivons le même traitement

12º session vendredi 07/07/2014
La patiente n’a plus de douleur au niveau de la gorge et dit ne ressentir la brulure que sur la pointe de la langue. Elle me dit qu’elle pourrait rester ainsi car c’est le jour et la nuit entre avant le traitement et maintenant. Mais nous décidons de poursuivre.
J’ai réalise le même traitement saison feu puis terre en alternance aves les 8pts +1 Tan

Le jeudi 7 aout 2014 les brulures au niveau de la langue ont disparu et la patiente a réduit sa dose de benzodiazépine de sa propre initiative depuis 3 semaines. Elle souhaite continuer son traitement pour essayer d’arrêter les benzo. ~Jérôme Ducret, Espagne

Regardez la video:
Visionnez maintenant! ~Dr. Delphine Armand, France

Regardez la video (consultation à domicile):
Visionnez maintenant! ~Dr. Delphine Armand, France

Mme A  39 ans , mère au foyer est venue me voir le 19 juillet 2017 pour le psoriasis géant .

A l’examen : plaque de psoriasis partout sur tout le corps, le dos la poitrine le ventre , les membres sup et inf , sauf le visage est épargné ; Les plaques sont très épaisses avec des croûtes blanches qui saignent par endroit .
Atcd : stress, angoisse

  • Hypothyroïdie avec obésité
  • Douleur articulaire psoriasis je Traitement antérieur :
  • aivobet, cortisone, puvatherapie , curé thermale et traitement lourd par methotrexate .( sans résultat ) .

Je lui propose un traitement par acupuncture :

Tae yin / yang Ming système 3/6 plus an men, shen men et in trang Une semaine après la peau est améliorée de 70% Avec disparition des croûtes ; je continue jusqu’à la 10ieme séance ; Mme À est très contente et très satisfaite de mes soins ; actuellement la peau est presque normale sauf elle est sèche et un peu écaillée . ~Kim Song

Lombalgia aguda após esforços no trabalho, pior do lado esquerdo com irradiação posterior para o membro inferior até ao joelho (trajeto canal bexiga).
Paciente sexo masculino, 40 anos.
Queixa Principal:
Dificuldade na flexão do tronco e em estar de pé
Comecei por aplicar o método “combo” do Dr. Tan do lado oposto e foram seleccionados os pontos ashi sobre o trajecto do canal do Pulmão do lado afectado, foi pedido ao paciente para andar e efetuar movimentos com o tronco. A dor baixou de 9/10 para 4/10 na primeira sessão. Na segunda sessão o paciente apenas apresentava uma dor residual de 2/10 que desapareceu completamente no decurso do tratamento, foi efectuada mais uma sessão para estabilizar os resultados e o paciente voltou ao trabalho completamente recuperado.
Estes é apenas um exemplo dos excelentes resultados obtidos seguindo o método do Dr. Tan e as etapas de selecção de meridianos e pontos. Para além de resultados rápidos e muito eficazes é sempre com muita surpresa que os pacientes vêm seleccionar uma outra área e deixar liberta a zona afectada para que seja movimentada. ~Vanessa Costa Leite, Portugal

Dor contínua e persistente na face interna do joelho.
Paciente do sexo feminino, 28 anos, instrutora de Yoga
Na primeira consulta queixou-se de dor no joelho direito, que tinha surgido há cerca de 6 meses atrás.
No início, a paciente sentia uma dor contínua e persistente na face interna do joelho. No final do 1º tratamento a dor desapareceu, sentindo apenas desconforto quando fazia a extensão completa da perna.
Poucos dias depois volta para novo tratamento. A dor apenas surgia aquando da extensão completa da perna (ao contrário da dor inicial, que estava sempre presente). Após a colocação das agulhas, esta dor desapareceu completamente. Mesmo já não sentindo nenhuma dor, a paciente fez mais dois tratamentos para prevenção.
Quando regressou da formação de ioga, a paciente informou-me que a dor não voltou a aparecer. Apenas com 2 tratamentos iniciais, a dor que a paciente sentia no joelho há 6 meses desapareceu completamente.
Este é apenas um exemplo, entre muitos outros, que demonstra como a acupunctura utilizando a metodologia do Dr. Tan tem efeitos extraordinários e imediatos no tratamento da dor. ~Cláudia Ramos Mekaiten e Amir Mekaiten, Portugal

Processo inflamatório no tendão calcâneo (tendão de Aquiles) esquerdo.
Paciente do sexo masculino, 58 anos
Queixa Principal: dor local ao caminhar, com limitação dos movimentos de dorsiflexão e flexão plantar
Fator desencadeante: jogging sem o prévio aquecimento misto (alongamentos estáticos e dinâmicos)
Tempo: esta crise tinha ocorrido há 3 dias atrás, mas era recorrente
Sinais/sintomas: dor ao caminhar 7/10, inflamação local (ardor, calor, rubor e ligeiro tumor), sem depressão local palpável e o teste de Thompson não indiciava rutura
Tratamento: repouso e 4 sessões de acupuntura utilizando a metodologia do Dr. Tan
Este paciente estava a fazer um tratamento para uma queixa principal de Tinnitus: No entanto, no dia da sessão da acupuntura claudicava por causa de dor no tendão de calcâneo. Eu tinha tido contato recentemente com o método 1-2-3 do Dr. Tan e este foi o primeiro paciente a quem apliquei esta abordagem. A primeira reação do paciente foi de espanto, a dor estava localizada no pé esquerdo e eu comecei a procurar pontos sensíveis no pulso da mão direita. Mais espantado ficou quando, ao pedir que desse uns passos com as agulhas colocadas no pulso, a dor tivesse passado imediatamente para 4/10 e quase que deixou de claudicar. Através da descrição da localização da dor continuei a seguir os sistemas e a pedir que o paciente andasse com as agulhas colocadas. No final do tratamento a dor tinha passado para 2/10 e o paciente já não claudicava. No tratamento seguinte a dor tinha subido para 4/10, segui o mesmo procedimento e a dor desapareceu por completo. Fizemos mais 2 tratamentos ao tendão para assegurar os resultados e insisti que desse maior atenção ao aquecimento antes da corrida. O problema deixou de recidivar. ~Pedro Albuquerque, Portugal


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