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Nora Morenza

A multilingual, talented acupuncturist, Nora practices exclusively the Balance Method in her clinic Acupuncture de-la-Harpe in Lausanne, Switzerland. Since 2015, she has been translating Si Yuan seminars in both French and Spanish.

This is her Balance Method story.

In 2001, I began my studies in naturopathy and acupuncture was offered as a specialization. It immediately sparked my interest and since then I have completely dived into the art of Chinese energetics.

I heard about the Balance Method in 2013 from a friend who had participated in Dr. Tan's training in Paris and praised his method.

What motivated you to try your first class?

It was fate! In 2014, Dr. Tan came to teach in Lausanne – just a 15 minutes walk from my house. I found out about it when I received a flyer in my mailbox two days before the training. I went and took two other acupuncturist friends

How and why did you begin to translate seminars?

The first training I attended with Dr. Tan was in the beginning of 2014 in Lausanne. There were a couple of surprises during this training. The room was too small, in poor condition and noisy. On Sunday, there was a choir singing mass in the next room! Personally, I found it rather funny but it didn’t suit the taste of all the participants. When I found out that another training would be held in Lausanne, I proposed to Delphine that I could go and see the rooms beforehand. She not only accepted my offer but also asked if I would translate the seminar in Lausanne! I really didn’t expect this proposal. Since then, I have always been careful in offering my help! I really admired Delphine’s work as an interpreter and understood the skills needed to do it. I wasn’t sure that I would be capable. However, it was one of those opportunities that needed to be seized. Despite all my doubts and fears, I exited my comfort zone and accepted. It was the right decision. Since then, I translate the French and Spanish seminars. Those two trainings that took place in Lausanne really marked a turning point in my professional and personal development. I regret nothing! I've learned an enormous amount and Si Yuan is like my second family.

I am aware that being on this adventure is partly thanks to Dr. Tan. Being a part of the Si Yuan Core is an opportunity to pass on his legacy. Thank you Delphine and Paul for your confidence and support, and to Delphine for her recklessness in 2015. Thanks to Dr. Tan for his work and generosity!

Can you describe a memorable training?

I remember a patient during an AcuAdvance training in Paris. It was a 60 year old man who had had a stroke and was left partially paralyzed in his left leg, arm and face. He couldn’t lift up his arm or smile on his left side. He was limping. Within seconds of inserting the needles, he could lift his arm. He was so happy that he kept raising his arm while Delphine was teaching. And he had a wonderful smile. He could smile! I had tears in my eyes seeing this man so happy.

What do you like the most about a Si Yuan training?

The classes are well-structured and the teachings are clear. The live demonstrations in class allow us to witness the efficacy of this method. The teachers are accessible and generous! And the unique group dynamic makes for some truly special moments!

How do you practice the Balance Method in your clinic?

I only practice the Balance Method in my clinic. I have two rooms which allow me to alternate between two patients. Patients who take advantage of several consecutive treatments receive a discount. This makes acupuncture more affordable.

How has the Balance Method changed your clinical practice?

In every way! I’ve kept only one thing – the needles! It changed the way I approach my patient’s problems. I no longer use a point recipe but develop my own treatments according to the special needs of each patient. I have a lot of fun using it. I love to see the surprised faces of the patients when their pain is immediately relieved.
I have a lot of fun at work, maybe too much fun!

What hooked you to practicing the Balance Method?

It’s simple and logical. I need to understand what I am doing. With this method, I know why I’ve chosen a point and I can explain why it works. It’s a simple method but it requires you to reflect, to try and to trust yourself! When I’m not satisfied with the results, I don’t blame the method, I continue to search for the answer and it works! The cherry on the cake is that I have fun at work while helping people improve their health.

Describe what aspect of the Balance Method do you enjoy the most when applying it in your clinic.

When applying this method, what I appreciate the most is that I can immediately see the results which allows me to adjust the treatment right away. I also like to see how relaxed the patients are after a session!

What makes the Si Yuan Balance Method unique?

It’s clear, logical, simple and efficient.
The results are immediate and every point makes sense.
Sum up Si Yuan Balance Method in one word.


Explain your favorite balancing principle, concept or motto.

Li Gan Jian Yin - we can see the results of a treatment right away. This allows us to know whether the treatment is right or if we need to adjust it during the session.

Define the qualities of an ideal Balance Method practitioner.

Open spirit, curious. A practitioner in search of balance in their life, who works on self-improvement and dares to question themselves.

How do you apply the Balance Method in your daily life?

I try to view situations from all different points of view which allows me to put many things in life into perspective. I meditate and practice Gong Fa. I include them into my daily routine. I center myself with each needle and Yi Qi Li! It really does make a difference in treatments.

What are your long-term goals as a practitioner?

I would like to work in a clinic with several practitioners who practice the Balance Method. We would be able to offer treatments to a larger number of patients while making

them more affordable. I picture a community clinic with several patients in the same room.

How did a Global Balance mission affect your personal and professional growth?

I work alone in my clinic. It was very enriching to be able to share with other practitioners, to witness the other approaches while using the same technique. Thanks to Paul who taught us very much, helped and supported us during the Cambodia mission. For example, I improved on my scalp technique. I gained in experience and self-confidence. I really loved being able to work in this relaxed and caring atmosphere. The patients were really lovely and so happy that we were there to help them.

Nora Morenza




Sylvie Vandenbogaert

I practice in the south-west of France (Montfort en Chalosse 40), in a holistic paramedical center called "Espace des Murmures" dedicated to supporting women’s health.

I started my professional practice in 1994 as a physiotherapist and my practice grew with methods such as Fasciatherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the teaching of Dao Yin Gong and the Tao of the Woman.I started to integrate Dr. Tan’s Balance Method into my practice in 2016.

Why did you become an acupuncturist?

For a long time, I have been interested in the mind-body-spirit connection and how tapping into this connecton can release and alter pain and suffering. I completed numerous trainings and have learned from great masters which allowed me to effectively deliver a more holistic approach to healthcare. During this journey, the acupuncture I had learned brought labourious and random results. But when I discovered Dr. Tan’s Balance Method, acupuncture became a priority in my clinic due to its efficiency, simplicity with instant results, particularly for physical pain and gynocological problems.

How did you hear about the Balance Method ?

During a TCM congress in Rothenburg, Germany, I indirectly discovered the Balance Method. By returning to the Source, I understood that it was what I had always been looking for: a method that encompasses all the dimensions of well-being and life.

What motivated you to attend a Si Yuan training?

Dr. Tan’s 1,2,3 Balance Method is the acupuncture method that provides immediate results! It’s accessible to everyone due to its simplicity and logic. It re-balances the body and mind as a whole and embodies a broader human and planetary vision.

Which trainings have you attended and why is regular class attendance important to you?

Three Core Foundations (AcuCore) in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Two Advanced Tracks (AcuAdvance) in 2018 and 2019..

Special Advanced Track in 2018.

The teachings are simple but very dense. There’s an enormous amount of information during the 4 days. You need to familiarize yourself with new concepts so that certain logical thoughts are automatic. You must regularly return to the foundation in order to refine and deepen your knowledge. To embody yourself in an art of life takes time.

What do you enjoy most about attending a Si Yuan training?

The clarity of the teachings and the professionalism of the instructors. One truly senses that the transmission of the teachings as well the joy and conviviality truly come from a direct source ( = Dr. Tan). Through Delphine, Paul and Eileen, one appreciates the impact of the method as well as the trace it leaves in the heart of each person.

How has the Balance Method changed your clinical practice?

I reorganized by clinic and my patient load increased considerably.

Describe what aspect of the Balance Method do you enjoy the most when applying it in your clinic.

After one session and a few needles, clients return to their daily lives without pain or with a new vision or reconnection to their Self and their proper resources. Their sparkling eyes bring joy to my heart.

What motivated you to practice the Balance Method?

This method fills a gap in traditional Western medicine which is the lack of appreciation of one’s individual resources and their capacity to self-heal. The discovery of Dr. Tan’s Balance Method connects 100% to my personal research. It highlights the importance of tapping into the creative power of the Self to balance the mind-body-spirit in order to bring independence and autonomy to everyone. Working on one’s own balance will bring balance, harmony and peace to the world.

What makes the Si Yuan Balance Method unique?

All paths are possible and all possibilities are allowed!

The treatment is modifiable during the process in function with the reactions of the patients. Every part of the being is taken into account: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual on the individual and collective level. It’s a holistic method with a global humane and planetary vision. It’s a unique method.

How do you apply the Balance Method in your daily life?

"Yi Qi Li" the 1,2,3 of Gong Fa: a system of self-cultivation taught by Dr. Paul Wang

Yi: design an intention (Vision)

Qi: Amplify with emotion (Passion)

Li: Implement by action (Mission)

This teaching has an internal and external aspect which is directly applicable to your daily life. By aligning the 10,000 parts of my body in a unified fluid movement, the insertion of a single needle takes on a deeper meaning in the activation of the patient's self-healing system.

Sum up Si Yuan Balance Method in one word.

"Yi Qi Li" and its dimensions have become a soft murmur of 14.4 minutes per day in my heart and daily life. It helps me to let go, redesign at any moment, recharge, reprogram, renew my psycho-neuro-musculo-fascia-bones which are sometimes scattered and frayed. It allows me to think and feel more simply so that I can become better in my personal and professional life.

Define the qualities of an ideal Balance Method practitioner.

Dr. Paul Wang teaches us in Gong Fa:

"Take care of yourself so that you can take care of others."

Daily stress and societal pressures take us away from the true meaning of Life.

A daily personal practice is an intentional way of refocusing on the essentials.

How do you apply balance to your daily life?

I try to apply Gong Fa 1 to Gong Fa 4 as much as possible. It allows me to maintain my centre in the daily chaos - the WuQi in the Taiji. I accept the dualities within the Self and create a creative union between yin and yang. It allows me to keep an inner peace and to circulate love within the Self, a foundation of good health, a better balance and more presence.

What are your long-term goals as a practitioner?

Today, I treat women who are in a state of loss, suffering, and collapse, often in a major transition in their lives. I assist them to reach automony so that they can return to their path and rebecome a master of their destiny through individual consultations.

I want to broaden my work to the wider public with a series of conferences and workshops where we can share and transmit intimate tips and advice, healthy lifestyle recipes, preventative measures, therapeutic advice, which will rebalance a woman’s vital energy and health during every season.

In the near future, "Espaces des Murmurs" will offer a peaceful, balanced place with guest rooms dedicated to women, where the care, Taoist teachings and transmission of wisdom will be linked to the natural cycles of life and where Dr. Tan's Balance Method will have its unique place. In connection with this project, the creation also of a "VIVEVANT" association dedicated to a distinct, vegetable-based and varied diet.

How did a Global Balance mission affect your personal and professional growth?

The realisation of this mission is really the result of the concrete application of coordinating Yi Qi Li (intention, emotion, action.) I was touched by a presentation of the missions at the Paris Special Advanced class in September 2018 and I felt a call in my heart for Haiti.Despite knowing that I didn’t have the financial means to pay for this adventure, I nevertheless conceived the intention of wanting to go there in order to refine my clinical skills under qualified supervision, meet other people and another culture and to put myself in a service which is greater than the Self.

My large Aloe Vera plants inspired me. They have always been my allies and at that moment, they had had a lot of babies. The idea came to me to put the seedlings into little pots and to organize a sale in the local organic shop in my village and to my clients, and to share my intentions to attend the Haiti mission. Everything sold very quickly and the required amount came from various sources. My adventure started with Aloe Vera in my village and ended at Port au Prince around an Aloe Vera plant with Paul and Delphine.

I am grateful for this magical coordination of the universe.This mission was touching, overwhelming and enriching both from a humanitarian perspective and in terms of personal and professional enrichment. Despite the political and social crisis in Haiti, the entire mission went perfectly well thanks to the benevolent and secure logistics of the GBF team. Thiotte and all its inhabitants - men, women, children, animals, plants; a lively, strong and proud people – all with a deep desire to become autonomous and ask only to co-create with mutual respect.

As a practitioner, I’ve experienced that in any given clinical case, all ways are possible and all possibilities are allowed. You can even change the treatment in progress based on the needs and reactions of the patient. Each practitioner has their point of view and therefore, their particular strategy that leads them to the common goal : relieve, treat, improve the circulation of vital energy until the symptoms disappear. The exchanges with practitioners from different countries, the interventions and supervision from Paul and Delphine allowed me to see where I was at, work on my shortcomings, increase my own abilities and the range of possibilities in every day life.

Thank you for this beautiful opportunity!

Sylvie Vandenbogaert
Facebook: Espace des Murmures


Laurent Turlin

I practice in Paris, France and wherever life's opportunities take me. I began my studies in classical Chinese medicine in Paris in 1997 and started practicing in 2005.

I became an acupuncturist because as a man of principle, I appreciate giving purpose to my life. The world of caregiving through acupuncture to help those around me is gratifying and helps me to fulfill my potential.

How did you hear about the Balance Method and what made you join a seminar?

I discovered Dr. Tan through online videos in 2011.

I was amazed and thought "This is what I had always been looking for." However, the seminars didn't fit in with my schedule as I was dividing my time between Florida and France. As soon as I could, I re-organized my schedule so that I could finally participate in the Paris Core Foundations in March 2017 where Delphine was lecturing.

Which Si Yuan trainings have you attended?

Core Foundations in Paris and then one month later in Utrecht led by Paul and Delphine. I've completed the Advanced Track in Athens in March, 2019 and then I repeated the course in Paris in June, 2019.

Why is regular class attendance important to you?

To review, because there are always missed details. It's a kind of technological observation, to review the fundamentals. It's a very traditional process to redo the basics several times. Repetition is, in my opinion, a practical method by which "from the consciously incapable we become the unconsciously capable." It's an apprenticeship which becomes anchored in our soul and heart to transmit the best what we can to our community. I will redo levels one and two.

What do you enjoy the most about attending a Si Yuan training?

The clarity of the training, the teaching style and the power of Dr. Tan's Balance Method, practising during the seminar which allows all of us to achieve our first "instant results," meeting and sharing with practitioners from diverse cultures.

How has Si Yuan Balance Method changed your clinical practice?

Since my first seminar, I've changed my practice completely. It's been the fire that has relit my passion. Like a child full of energy. I'm amazed every day by the results. For years, I had sweated "blood and water" for results which are now obvious. This brings permanent joy, enormous pleasure, increased confidence and self-assurance.

Describe what aspect of the Balance Method you enjoy most when applying it in your clinic.

Local Balance for the back. I especially appreciate systems 2 and 4. I also love mixing Master Tung's points with the Balance Method.

What are your long-term goals as a practitioner?

I’d like to develop the skills and qualities needed to offer everyone the benefits of Dr. Tan's Method. To gather Balance Method practitioners together in order to create a health center specialized in general care.

I’d also like to go on humanitarian missions with Si Yuan and, through conferences and demonstrations, share this method.

What makes the Balance Method unique?

The direct power of instant results and how it brings people hope and puts a smile on their faces.

Explain your favorite Si Yuan principle or motto.

As Dr. Tan said and our instructors remind us: Li Gan Jian Ying. (The principle of clinical effectiveness: "stand a pole and see its shadow.")

Sum up Si Yuan Balance Method in one word.

Literally, "a way of life," an art of life, a pathway to self-realization.

How do you apply the Balance Method in your daily life?

I’ve learned to respect oneself, listen to the voice of my heart, the culture of daily joy and the pleasure of studying and practicing. I’ve applied Gong Fa for therapeutic care and action, and to nourish serenity. I have written general reference books on acupressure points and auriculotherapy for a general audience. During my public engagements (conferences, interviews), I take the liberty of demonstrating Dr. Tan's Balance Method in order to encourage people who hope to find an effective treatment for their pain and for those who believe that acupuncture is an onerous and outdated technique.

Watch Laurent Turlin demonstrating the Balance Method in Paris, France

  • Salon Vivez Nature : PARIS 2018

  • Grand Auditorium de Lavillette : PARIS 2019


Josep Maria Masuet Iglesias

I live and work on the island of Menorca in Spain. I've been regularly practicing acupuncture since 2016. The rapidity of obtaining instant results from the treatments is what attracted me to a Si Yuan training.

Why did you become an acupuncturist?

I'm a specialist in Family and Community medicine and work in the public healthcare system on the Balearic Islands. After more than 20 years of practicing as a doctor and attending to around 30-40 patients a day with different ailments, I realized that the medicine I was practicing could not solve many of the complaints that were repeating day after day. That is why I started to explore other fields. I started to study Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. I wanted to round out my training, change the point of view that I had been using to diagnosis pathologies and obtain a more holistic vision.

How did you hear about the Balance Method?

The first time I heard about this method was while I was surfing the internet. I came across a video of Dr. Richard Tan treating a patient. I was fascinated and started to look for more information about him and this method. It was in 2015. Unfortunately soon after, I learned of his death. It was with great sorrow on my part as I would not get to know him.

What makes Si Yuan Balance Method unique?

It's a tremendously intuitive, logical, easy to learn method with an instant effect.

Which Si Yuan trainings have you attended?

It was not until 2018 that I was able to attend a Si Yuan training class in Madrid. There, I met Delphine Armand. I loved her personality and her way of explaining the method.

What do you enjoy the most about attending a Si Yuan training?

The classes are very pleasant and logical, which means that everything is perfectly understandable. Also from the first day, you can practice what you have learned and see the results for yourself.

Why is regular class attendance important for you?

I think the method itself is simple but at the same time it is easy to make small mistakes which means it might not work for you when you are at the office. Attending classes several times cements the knowledge and clears up any doubts that have arisen.

How did a Global Balance mission affect your personal and professional growth as an acupuncturist?

The next seminar in Spain would not be until the following year and I did not want to wait so long to get answers to my questions and develop my skills. So, I decided to participate as an assistant in the Global Balance humanitarian mission in Haiti. I applied for the position and I was accepted!
Besides the desire to learn, I was very moved to participate in a mission that helped disadvantaged people and to get to know another culture. It was amazing to spend 10 days with Paul, Delphine and the rest of the team. I was able to experience first-hand how to approach the problems presented by patients and how to solve them quickly and efficiently using the Balance Method. Due to the large number of patients, I saw the different strategies for similar problems and learned of the other methods that correspond to more advanced levels of seminars. I haven't had the pleasure of attending the more advanced levels but already look forward to doing so.

In addition, it was very gratifying to share those days with other acupuncturists from other countries. The whole group was made up of 11 people from 7 different countries. I had the opportunity to get to know Haiti, the poorest country in America, and to go on several excursions and visits. Our stay coincided with the outbreak of an unprecedented political and social crisis which altered the planned program a bit. It hindered a little the influx of patients to our consultations. All the GBF team was involved in our care and our security, so we finally did not have any problems.

How has the Si Yuan Balance Method changed your clinical practice? Describe what aspect of the Balance Method you enjoy most when applying it in your clinic.

Patients need to see quick results. With this method, the effect is practically instantaneous and the patient clearly sees the effect of the needles before leaving the clinic. Also, the acupuncturist is also certain that the treatment is correct, since he can modify the treatment until the results are apparent during the consultation. It is a double satisfaction shared by both the patient and acupuncturist. Many times, I have enjoyed seeing the amazement on the faces of my patients, knowing that you can eliminate a chronic pain with a few needles in a moment!

Explain your favorite Si Yuan principle or motto.

From the first moment I learned about the Balance Method, I was struck by the concept of "Li Gan Jian Ying," that is, "Place a stake under the sun and you will immediately see its shadow." It is the concept which indicates that acupuncture has an immediate effect. It inspires me because it gives confidence as an acupuncturist that when needling, it will surely have an immediate effect on the patient.

Josep Maria Masuet Iglesias:


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