AcuAdvance – Dr. Tan’s Magical Strategy of 12 Points | Guided Replay (EN) | February 2024

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  • AcuAdvance – Dr. Tan’s Magical Strategy of 12 Points | Guided Replay (EN) | February 2024

    Prerequisite: A full AcuCore Seminar at least twice

    Language: English | Main Teacher Assistant: Rafael Laballe

    Day 1: February 10th 14h – 18h00 Paris time (GMT+2)

    Day 2: February 11th 14h – 18h00 Paris time (GMT+2)

    • Depending on the class dynamic, translated classes might finish up to 30 minutes later.
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Online Classes

Si Yuan developed unique online formats that challenge the concept of distance learning
and ensure the essence and quality of our live teachings.

Our classroom setting is designed to maximize assimilation, interaction, and individual corrections with:

  • Smaller groups to facilitate teaching and comprehension.
  • Online needling demos.
  • Time to practice with guidance.
  • Requesting for video cameras to be turned on for strengthening connections amongst participants and teachers.
  • More teaching time divided into short sessions of 4 hours per day:
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    • Avoids computer screen fatigue.
    • Allows time to absorb the lessons before the next session.

Guided Classes Replay

Guided Classes Replay are a replay of Dr. Delphine Armand’s recorded live or online lectures, supervised by one or more Si Yuan Teacher Assistants, to increase the availability of our training.

We stay true to Si Yuan’s value of humanity and community spirit by having our Teacher Assistants:

  • Conduct and manage the replay.
  • Coordinate needling practice in small groups.
  • Welcome participants to ask live or chat questions.
  • Organize Q&A discussions of about 30 min additional time per day.


All our online classes are recorded for educational purposes please read our privacy policy here

No recording will be provided to participants who are absent for part or full days

AcuAdvance 1:

Dr. Tan’s Magical Strategy of 12 Points

  • A dynamic class that changes every time as different case studies bring out fresh ideas.
  • Learn how Dr. Tan’s amazing invention treats difficult cases involving multiple internal and external disorders.
  • A logical and simple technique to balance and harmonize all 12 meridians using only 12 needles.
  • Devise quick and effective treatments for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and other frequently seen pathologies.