AcuSpecial – Balancing the 8 Extra + Scalp Acupuncture | Live Online (EN/DE) | June 2024

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  • AcuSpecial – Balancing the 8 Extra + Scalp Acupuncture | Live Online (EN/DE) | June 2024

    Language: English translated in German | Instructor: Dr. Delphine Armand Translator: Sandra Wilfert

    Day 1: June 22th 14h00 – 18h30 Paris time (GMT+1)

    Day 2: June 23th 14h00 – 18h30 Paris time (GMT+1)

    • Depending on the class dynamic, translated classes might finish up to 30 minutes later.
    • All our classes are in Paris Time. Please use our Time Conversion Tool to confirm available times in your location.
    • Si Yuan’s classes are accredited for continuing education by most acupuncture associations worldwide. Please contact us to enquire about a specific association.

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    80% refund will be offered if we receive your cancellation at the latest 15 business days before the first day of the seminar you registered to. No refund will be issued after the 15 days' deadline. All refunds are issued in euros or Swiss francs, depending on the available funds of Si Yuan Balance Method SARL. Any bank fees, commissions or exchange rates related to the refund are the responsibility of the customer. Such fees will not be covered by Si Yuan Balance Method SARL.

live-streamed trainings

Si Yuan developed a unique online format that ensures the essence and quality of our live teachings.

Our classroom setting is designed to make each participant feel included. It maximizes assimilation, interaction, and individual corrections with:

  • Small groups to facilitate teaching and comprehension.
  • Close up needling demos.
  • Time to practice with guidance.
  • All video cameras are turned on to strengthen interaction among participants and teachers
  • Short sessions of maximum 4 hours per day:
    • Optimizes concentration.
    • Avoids computer screen fatigue.
    • Allows time to absorb the lessons before the next session.


All our live-streamed trainings are recorded for educational purposes please read our privacy policy here

No recording will be provided to participants who are absent for part or full days

Prerequisite : AcuSpecial – Balancing the 8 Extra + Scalp Acupuncture

Practitioners of all levels and trainings are welcome to attend.

Balance Method prerequisite: AcuCore Local and Global Balance or prior knowledge of Balance Method fundamentals (Acupuncture 1,2,3, Dr. Tan’s 6 systems, Image and  Mirror, Matrix Analysis, Global Balance).



AcuSpecial: Balancing the 8 Extra + Scalp Acupuncture

This training aims at sharing a practical understanding of the Eight Extras to wisely integrate them and into Balance Method treatments and take full benefit of their potential.

  • Understand the mainspring, the practical functions and the pairing of the Eight Extras.
  • Learn how and when to balance their pathway or their function.
  • Expand your options to balance Du Mai and Ren Mai.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your treatments by incorporating the Eight Extras into your Global Balance Method treatments.
  • Gain a new understanding of the uses of Scalp Acupuncture.