Si Yuan Projects

Si Yuan wants to inspire the Balance Method acupuncturists we train to realize their fullest potential. This process of self-development requires continuous education, repeated practice and new challenges.

Thus, many Si Yuan practitioners have devoted their time, energy and finances to join Global Balance Foundation (GBF) humanitarian missions and treat those in need.

We invite you to follow the generous example of your colleagues who have served on a mission. To offer our support, practitioners who:

  1. submit a mission application to GBF, and
  2. are officially selected to participate in the mission

will receive a 9% discount on Si Yuan acupuncture classes.

The discount applies to an unlimited number of classes from your formal acceptation to the mission until 12 months after the mission ending date. You would be able to attend classes either before or up to 12 months after the mission date.
This discount only applies to GBF missions or the associations which it partners with.

Each applicant needs to submit an application to GBF. If for whatever reason, a participant would not be selected for the mission requested, or if they cancel the mission, then the use of the discount can be withdrawn. This will be decided on an individual case basis.

Besides improving clinical skills, Acupuncturists and Assistant Acupuncturists who participate in a mission receive a certificate of participation. Furthermore, this experience will be taken into consideration when qualifying for Si Yuan certification levels.

Si Yuan believes in offering valuable opportunities for practitioners to deepen their knowledge and broaden their horizons while promoting humanity, health and balance to the world.

Global Balance Foundation
, a non-profit association that develops healthcare resources for populations in need.

By offering not only treatment but training in acupuncture and therapeutic massage, GBF brings low-cost solutions to people with little or no access to healthcare.

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  • Cancelation Policy

    80% refund will be offered if we receive your cancellation at the latest 15 business days before the first day of the seminar you registered to. No refund will be issued after the 15 days' deadline. All refunds are issued in euros or Swiss francs, depending on the available funds of Si Yuan Balance Method SARL. Any bank fees, commissions or exchange rates related to the refund are the responsibility of the customer. Such fees will not be covered by Si Yuan Balance Method SARL.