• Sandra Wilfert

    Sandra exclusively practices the Balance Method in her clinic in Berlin, Germany. She first began her Balance Method training under Dr. Richard Tan in 2005. She has continuously expanded her acupuncture knowledge and skills by assisting and translating both classes for Dr. Tan and Si Yuan. An active Si Yuan Core Member, Sandra is devoted to encouraging the growth of the Balance Method not only in German-speaking regions but internationally as well.

    This is her Balance Method story.

    I had my first acupuncture experience when I was about 10 years old. My uncle successfully treated my eczema with acupuncture. That event never left me. After I finished school, I worked in a pharmacy for many years. However, I was always certain, that it was not what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

    One morning I woke up and suddenly realized that I wanted to be an acupuncturist. I found out that to become an acupuncturist in Germany you have to be a doctor or a healing practitioner. I became a healing practitioner and started my TCM studies. I passed my exam in 2004.

How did you hear about the Balance Method?

My first contact with the Balance Method was in 2005. I had read an article about Dr. Tan and his Balance Method. I liked the idea that you don’t have to stick a single needle into the affected area. So, I decided to join his class at the TCM congress in Rothenburg, Germany.

What motivated you to try your first class?

After I saw Dr. Tan at the congress in Rothenburg, I attended his class in Berlin in 2006 because I was so fascinated by the logical 3-step strategy. It was also an incredibly enriching experience to spend time with Dr. Tan. He taught me to keep things simple. I was also very impressed with the clear and rapid improvements made by the patients. Since Berlin, I attended his seminars regularly.

Why is regular class attendance important to you?

Yes, regular participation in a course is important to me because you have the opportunity to learn new things every time. The exchange with other acupuncturists is also very meaningful to me such as sharing treatment options that worked in their clinic or discussing a difficult case.

Why did you begin to translate the trainings?

I had already been assisting Dr. Tan during the trainings for several years. However, I never wanted to translate his classes, because I was very shy. In 2011, Dr. Tan held a Ba Zi training in Germany and he asked me to translate the seminar. Although I had my doubts whether I would be up to the task, I said yes. Dr. Tan gave me the confidence and to this day, I’m grateful to him for that.

Can you describe a memorable training?

To be honest, each course is unique. But the “Fun Course“ in Paris was amazing. We were at Disneyland and Dr. Tan taught us facial diagnosis, Feng Shui and Chinese philosophy. It was the first time he had lectured on all of this in class and it was very lively and entertaining. Unfortunately, it was the last course I did with him.

In August of this year, I watched Delphine treat one patient with eye adaption problems at a seminar. It was very impressive and as she was treating him daily and we could see the huge improvements every day.

How do you practice the Balance Method in your clinic?

I only practice Balance Method acupuncture in my clinic. I have several treatment rooms, so I can treat several patients in a short time. The Balance Method isn’t just acupuncture for me. The Balance Method taught me that sometimes solutions are on the opposite side. Being aware of this helps me to treat my patients. The Balance Method also taught me to be incredibly flexible, which was very difficult for me in the past.

How has the Balance Method changed your clinical practice?

I was able to achieve instant results with the Balance Method. My patients felt much better, much faster. The Balance Method gave me the certainty of finding the appropriate treatment patterns for my patients. It enabled me to treat my patients quickly and effectively. I can treat many patients during the day without being completely tired and exhausted in the evening. I thank Dr. Tan every day.

Describe what aspect of the Balance Method you enjoy the most when applying it in your clinic.

What I enjoy most is the glow in my patient’s eyes after treatment. The Balance Method is easy to learn and quickly turns into protocols you know by heart and intuition.

What makes Si Yuan Balance Method unique?

Si Yuan Balance Method is unique because Delphine and Paul are constantly working to further develop this method. They put so much of their heart and energy into teaching the Balance Method and this is easy to feel in each of the seminars.

Sum up Si Yuan Balance Method in one word.

Enjoy acupuncture

Explain your favorite balancing principle, concept or motto.

In fact, I like every single aspect of the Balance Method.

Define the qualities of an ideal Balance Method practitioner.

An ideal acupuncturist should be able to get involved with their patients. It is ideal if you are able to treat both physical, emotional and mental aspects at the same time.

How do you apply the Balance Method in your daily life?

I use the idea of balance every day. The change between tension and relaxation is very important to me. Through the Balance Method, I have learned to look at things from the opposite side. That changed my life significantly.

What are your long-term goals as a practitioner?

I would like to continue helping many patients. I would like to exchange ideas with other therapists. I love being a happy member of the Si Yuan community. I am also interested in doing more research on the Balance Method.

Sandra Wilfert


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