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Josep Maria Masuet Iglesias

I live and work on the island of Menorca in Spain. I’ve been regularly practicing acupuncture since 2016. The rapidity of obtaining instant results from the treatments is what attracted me to a Si Yuan training.

Why did you become an acupuncturist?

I’m a specialist in Family and Community medicine and work in the public healthcare system on the Balearic Islands. After more than 20 years of practicing as a doctor and attending to around 30-40 patients a day with different ailments, I realized that the medicine I was practicing could not solve many of the complaints that were repeating day after day. That is why I started to explore other fields. I started to study Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. I wanted to round out my training, change the point of view that I had been using to diagnosis pathologies and obtain a more holistic vision.

How did you hear about the Balance Method?

The first time I heard about this method was while I was surfing the internet. I came across a video of Dr. Richard Tan treating a patient. I was fascinated and started to look for more information about him and this method. It was in 2015. Unfortunately soon after, I learned of his death. It was with great sorrow on my part as I would not get to know him.

What makes Si Yuan Balance Method unique?

It’s a tremendously intuitive, logical, easy to learn method with an instant effect.

Which Si Yuan trainings have you attended?

It was not until 2018 that I was able to attend a Si Yuan training class in Madrid. There, I met Delphine Armand. I loved her personality and her way of explaining the method.

What do you enjoy the most about attending a Si Yuan training?

The classes are very pleasant and logical, which means that everything is perfectly understandable. Also from the first day, you can practice what you have learned and see the results for yourself.

Why is regular class attendance important for you?

I think the method itself is simple but at the same time it is easy to make small mistakes which means it might not work for you when you are at the office. Attending classes several times cements the knowledge and clears up any doubts that have arisen.

How did a Global Balance mission affect your personal and professional growth as an acupuncturist?

The next seminar in Spain would not be until the following year and I did not want to wait so long to get answers to my questions and develop my skills. So, I decided to participate as an assistant in the Global Balance humanitarian mission in Haiti. I applied for the position and I was accepted!
Besides the desire to learn, I was very moved to participate in a mission that helped disadvantaged people and to get to know another culture. It was amazing to spend 10 days with Paul, Delphine and the rest of the team. I was able to experience first-hand how to approach the problems presented by patients and how to solve them quickly and efficiently using the Balance Method. Due to the large number of patients, I saw the different strategies for similar problems and learned of the other methods that correspond to more advanced levels of seminars. I haven’t had the pleasure of attending the more advanced levels but already look forward to doing so.

In addition, it was very gratifying to share those days with other acupuncturists from other countries. The whole group was made up of 11 people from 7 different countries. I had the opportunity to get to know Haiti, the poorest country in America, and to go on several excursions and visits. Our stay coincided with the outbreak of an unprecedented political and social crisis which altered the planned program a bit. It hindered a little the influx of patients to our consultations. All the GBF team was involved in our care and our security, so we finally did not have any problems.

How has the Si Yuan Balance Method changed your clinical practice? Describe what aspect of the Balance Method you enjoy most when applying it in your clinic.

Patients need to see quick results. With this method, the effect is practically instantaneous and the patient clearly sees the effect of the needles before leaving the clinic. Also, the acupuncturist is also certain that the treatment is correct, since he can modify the treatment until the results are apparent during the consultation. It is a double satisfaction shared by both the patient and acupuncturist. Many times, I have enjoyed seeing the amazement on the faces of my patients, knowing that you can eliminate a chronic pain with a few needles in a moment!

Explain your favorite Si Yuan principle or motto.

From the first moment I learned about the Balance Method, I was struck by the concept of “Li Gan Jian Ying,” that is, “Place a stake under the sun and you will immediately see its shadow.” It is the concept which indicates that acupuncture has an immediate effect. It inspires me because it gives confidence as an acupuncturist that when needling, it will surely have an immediate effect on the patient.

Josep Maria Masuet Iglesias:


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