Si Yuan Sundays Show originated facing the challenges of Covid-19 to adapt and evolve. This new learning environment ensures the quality of our live teachings while offering a creative approach to the practice of Balance Method acupuncture.

After the excellent feedback of our first season, our online interactive program is back with exciting topics!

Si Yuan Sundays

Discover the power of community and connect with fellow practitioners all around the world.

Join our dynamic live shows that will challenge how you think about real case studies.

In our two-hour shows, Dr. Delphine Armand challenges our Core Members' thinking processes and advanced experience in the Balance Method, as they explain the evolution of cases treated in their personal clinical practices.

These lively discussions give beginners step-by-step strategies while offering new and alternative treatment options to advanced BM practitioners.

The shows are currently open to all practitioners who have a minimum understanding of the Balance Method, no prerequisite required.

See effective approaches to challenging conditions, such as emotional and hormonal disorders, as the full case studies are revealed in each episode. Follow the reasoning behind efficient needling for quick pain relief.

Choose from the below list of exciting topics from our 2nd season. Register to ask your practical questions and benefit from Dr. Delphine's clinical experience as she answers participants' questions.

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Third Season

  • This episode will explore differential diagnoses and treatments for cases encountered in the clinic where mental emotional disruptions - such as anxiety, depression, insomnia - are either the only or predominant concern. The cases will illustrate the breadth of available Balance Method strategies from Meridian Conversion, to Dr. Tan’s 5-Element and Seasonal Balance treatments.


    15h00-17h00 Paris Time (GMT +2:00)

    Featuring: Johanne Picard-Scott and Rafael Laballe
    Language: English


  • In this episode, we will talk about different types of treatments for lower limb conditions such as Achilles tendonitis, tibial periostitis, numbness and cold feeling, among others. We will also discuss how the Balance Method can offer strategies, in the same treatment, when a patient presents joint conditions, such as pain in other areas of the body, internal organ disorders or fibromyalgia.


    15h00-17h00 Paris Time (GMT +2:00)

    Featuring: Nora Morenza and Gerald Barra
    Language: Spanish

  • This episode will explore how the Balance Method can be used in the treatment of diverse internal diseases by combining a variety of different strategies. We will discuss problems that affect the frontal part of the body, whether it be bronchial, cardiac, and/or gastric/digestive issues, due to a variety of causes from hormonal imbalances, to stress, post-COVID symptoms, auto-immune diagnosis, and/or side effects from medications and chemotherapy. We will show that simple and logical Balance Method approaches can help resolve seemingly complicated situations.


    15h00-17h00 Paris Time (GMT +2:00)

    Featuring: Johanne Piccard-Scott and Nora Morenza
    Language: English

  • In this episode we will have the pleasure to discuss with you problems that affect the frontal part of the body, whether it be bronchial, cardiac, gastric or gynecological issues. These manifestations can be due to a variety of causes from hormonal imbalances, stress, post-COVID symptoms, to auto-immune diagnosis, and/or side effects from medications and chemotherapy. We will show you how a simple and logical Balance Method approach can solve seemingly complicated situations.


    10h00-12h00 Paris Time (GMT +2:00)

    Featuring: Nora Morenza and Christian Bello
    Language: French

Available on Video on Demand

EP001: Let’s Talk Headaches(EN) | Subtitles in: DE, FR, PT, SP
EP002: Let’s Talk Abdominal Issues (EN) | Subtitles in: DE, FR
EP003: Laßt uns über gynäkologische Beschwerden sprechen (DE)
EP004: Parlons des Problèmes d'Épaule et du Haut du Dos (FR)
EP005: Let’s Talk Neck and Upper Back Problems (EN)
EP006: Let’s Talk Emotional Disorders (EN)
EP007: Let’s Talk Gynecological Issues (EN)
EP008: Let’s Talk Shoulder Pain (EN)
EP009: Let’s Talk Lower Limbs (EN)
EP010: Let's Talk Head & Face Related Problems (EN)
EP011: Let's Talk Neck & Shoulder Pain (EN)


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