We thank all the students worldwide who took time to give their feedback during or after the conference. They agreed to share their feelings about the Balance Method. If you would like to send us your feedback, please email it to us.

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    Other testimonials


    I have been using the balance method on friends and family since then, and I truly love it! It very much suits the logical side of my brain and I love how it can make acupuncture even more accessible to people who might not be able to afford it due to it working so well in a multi bed setting. I have even converted my step dad – a true acupuncture cynic – when his frozen shoulder got better in very few treatments!
    ~Anne-Marie Fouche, UK

    I only did the first 2 days of the course as I was not sure how I would get on learning a completely new system. I finished the course at 6.20pm yesterday evening (Friday) I decided to be brave an use on my first patient today 10am Saturday morning. I have to say I was nervous as the patient had sciatica and I have treated this many time successfully with TCM based theory but having paid out for the course and opened my mind I decided to give it a go. My patient was amazed and delighted with the instant results and I have to say so was I but just like Delphine said I did not show it! I now need acting classes to hide how I am actually feeling! Amazing thank you to al the Si Yuan Team as like most things I am sure there are many people who make these courses happen.
    I will be back for more.
    ~Amanda Banks, UK

    Maybe you remember me from the training in Luzern, you help me with acupuncture to cure my ring finger two times.
    I continue the treatment her in Alkmaar/Amsterdam the results are quite spectacular the tissue is know very soft the tin telling and warmth is gone, I think that now I have 75% sensitivity back.
    For the last two couple of weeks I treated six persons with the 1.2.3. Dr. Tan method all with great results.
    For example my grandmother is 83 years young she had a lot of pain in her back and wash very weak, after two times treading her with the 1.2.3. method the pain wash totally gone.
    Thanks again for your wonderful and clear presentation, I enjoyed very much specially your great sense of humor and your French accent.
    ~Ruben Imming, Holland

    I just had the pleasure and honor of attending the Advanced class in NYC, and would encourage ALL acupuncturists to take this (need to do beginning class first).
    I found the teaching to be superlative, and felt I was brought along slowly and easily to a much larger understanding of the power of Dr. Tan’s life work.
    The information presented was skillfully filled out with plenty of opportunity to practice working the concepts out on our own, then receiving feedback on what we’d done, plus further illumination of the basic principles as our Instructor Delphine showed more ways to consider the cases.
    It was a pleasure watching and learning from the Treatments given in class.
    All 3 Si Yuan folks in attendance were always happy and ready to answer questions and offer guidance.
    All in all a fun AND rewarding experience; I appreciate that I will be able to immediately apply all this with clients the next day.
    Thank you Delphine, Paul.
    ~Dick Larson

    Thank you so much for the great seminar in Paris for the core
    foundations. Finally, acupuncture really starts to make sense. The Balance Method of dr. Tan gives as a complete new view towards
    acupuncture and its immediate results. We feel enormously inspired and already achieve great results in our practice. We are looking forward to the advanced course and encourage our colleagues to follow dr. Tan as well.
    ~Taco and Ping

    Thanks for the super good teaching to the Luzern class . You did it really super great . I am very grateful that you represent Dr. Tan and you continue to give us his knowledge . I can imagine that this is not so easy for you . But as I said , you’re doing fantastically well . Please go on
    I hope that I can attend the advanced class in Paris in June . I wish you all the best and happy holidays .
    ~Thomas Bausch

  • Other testimonials

    I am writing to inform you of how much myself and my acupuncture clients are benefitting from me attending the Core Foundations course this autumn.
    I have watched my positive results climb from 65-70% success to 85-90% in only a few weeks since completing the course. I must say that the theories and methods demonstrated in Si Yuan seem to be the key i was missing which has empowered me and magnified my skills.
    My confidence as an acupunturist is increasing and i am excited to re-take the course in the future.
    Many thanks and gratitude to Paul & Delphine and of course Master Tan.
    ~Dale Blair. Attended Core Foundations (4 days) in Dublin, Ireland. October, 2018
    I Want To Share how much Si Yuan’s Teaching brought to my Life and for People around me!
    This is THE School I needed to join since ever… We say that when the student is ready the master will appear !
    Then I am ready Now
    We Learn to Practice and above all how To Be Who we really are We discover how to be Joyful while dealing with Care, Healing…
    What a « Towards Light Path » transforming approach !
    I found a way to Embody the non duality : The Beauty of being Healed, Balanced and Energized while Healing, Balancing and Energizing people.
    Those very efficient Tools allowed me to empty My Mind of busy and tiring reflexions while healing and instead I am totally available to receive intuitions and let the Holly Healing Flow running freely through me to the people
    Then I Want to express my infinite Gratitude To Master Tan, Delphine, Paul, Eileen, and all the Si Yuan’s Team, and all the Invisible Stars around, contributing to this Holly achievement !

    Dear Delphine, dear Sandra and Paul,
    Please let me thank you for the amazing four days on the shores of Lac Luzern.
    You are so creative-I always love getting your perspective on things and a new vision too. I’m always amazed how you girls go through the day from morning to evening ahead with powered energy teaching and translating.
    This time we had Paul and his Gong Fa was wonderful, this is more than I expected.
    Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for and I more and more join the Yi-Qi-LI in my needling too.
    I am so lucky to be part of your students.
    Krgds ~Cynthia

    I had been in practice over 15 years and had been very successful. I was however unsure about the real effectiveness of TCM acupuncture. I had developed a style incorporating a range of different modalities including massage to get better results. After doing Dr Tan’s core foundation course I went back to my practice and used only the Balance Method. My results improved radically and my patients were blown away. Dr Tan restored my faith and passion for our medicine at a time I felt lost. Since then I have continued to attend the core foundation classes with Paul and Delphine and continue to learn more each time.
    The passion, spirit and dedication to Dr Tans legacy is inspiring.
    I cannot recommend this course enough. ~Jeff Shearer, Evolve Natural Medicine, Ethical Practice

    First of all I want to thank you for the course: what an incredible experience it was!
    Following the core foundation in Madrid was not only enlightening and very instructive, at the same time it gave me such an amazing feeling of gratitude.
    Gratitude because of being able to understand Dr TAN’s unique method.
    Gratitude to experience the instant result of acupuncture and to be a part of the family who shares the wisdom of the Balance Method.
    And last but not least, the gratitude for getting this chance to become a “full acupuncturist”.
    And what an incredible teacher! Dr. Delphine Armand is not only a master in this field, but she also lets her energy flow to all of the students: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
    We are now 7 days later and I can honestly tell you that I’m still a bit upside down because of all these new insights.
    And every day in my practice I already can help much patients by using Dr TAN’s Balance Method. I promised myself to study each day –  as Dr. Delphine Armand asked to do – so I can put better into practise Dr TAN’s method. I also hope to join a second time a core foundation course next year. With kind regards. ~David De Marie

Testimonials from practitioners using the Balance Method for years

Live feedback from a training

It was a total mind opening and one point in life of an opportunity where past experiences in Acupuncture collaborate and I am now able to view the once believed flat earth to around sphere. The logical explanation and clarification of mysteriously mislead principles of oriental medicine. Your teachings lead me to another level of understanding and practicing in acupuncture.
It’s been second day after the Melbourne seminar, like you mentioned i have put the teachings into practice straight on Monday and today and seeing clients not like other past days of practice I feel more and more comfortable like having answer paper right in front of my exams or feeling like the almighty God behind my back everywhere i go. Every day from now on I will forever use Balancing acupuncture until my life confronts the inevitable universal rule.
I really appreciate that you are teaching and sharing your experience and trying to revolutionize acupuncture. ~Regor Gold, Australia

I‘m Mahmoud Manssour an Orthpaedic Surgeon from Poland
I’ve attended your course in London 3 weeks ago
It was a great experience and I’m still feel like a dream that I got such means to treat patients in this way – thanks to you guys ~Mahmoud Manssour, Poland

It was really nice to meet you all at the training. I must say that I enjoyed it very much and have already put the balance method in to practice this morning. It went GREAT ! ~Daniel Windridge, Ireland

You were so kind to allow me to help you with registration so I could afford to attend the 4 day course. I have now graduated and opened my own clinic and exclusively use the Balance Method. That course had such an impact on me and I am so thankful and grateful to you!! ~RJ Singer, Australia

It was a privilege to attend your seminar and see you at work and listen to your many anecdotes and case histories. I enjoyed it immensely. I have started to implement your Balance Method which is beautiful in its simplicity and symmetry. I understand your emphasis on the 1,2,3 , I find that if I go through these steps then the treatment becomes clearer and I become confident in the method.
I am already seeing benefits in my patients using the mirroring and imaging methods. I have used the Global Balance method on some patients too.I only attended the first 2 days because of previous commitments but look forward to being able to attend day 3 and 4 next time.Many, many thanks. Howard ~Howard Gough, UK

It was such a pleasure to attend the seminar in Denmark, and it has by far been the best acupuncture seminar I have been to. Worth every penny spent, and more.
I have used the Method on all my patients since I came home, and have had success with each one. I call it the Halleluja method, and my patients agree. Now I am really looking forward to see my patients back to confirm the success of the method. ~Siv Almbakk, Norway

I did the course in London the other week and am loving the results I am getting. Today a lady with neck pain for 3 years said it felt 100% improvement using the balance method, as did a lady with arthritis type hip pain, as did another with plantar fasciitis. So you are absolutely right it is FUN.
Look forward to meeting you again, I so enjoyed your lectures, the 4 days were so worth it. with warm gratitude. ~Colette day, UK

I learnt more in three days than what I did in four years at university. 1,2,3 balance method will be forever stored in my memory. Thank you for the amazing results I am achieving for my patients using your method. The smiles I see from my patients using this method is fantastic. ~Damian Somerville

My feedback is very simple- excellent all round….highly enjoyable, highly interesting, highly effective!!!! ~Lee Moden

The seminars were the best I have attended for a very long time. More importantly it works and has injected new life into my practice of acupuncture. ~Edmond Williams

1. the teaching: accessility of knowledge was excelent, i personaly had no problems to follow as I had lot of “broken pieces” of some facts and knowledge that came to me from my past encounters with other people/doc/books and found very inspiring to realise during the seminar how they were connected or come from or what is a progresion of what or simply make a “picture with meaning”; seems like every question was addressed and answer was given “with heart” to make the person to get it; demonstration was great, wish only for more cases! Started to practice in 1 day, that was amazing!!!! Absolutely right: 1,2,3 and result must follow!
2. room was well equiped, that made a few adjustments (room temperature, microphone etc) to be done quick and efficient
warm regards ~Oksana Kozak.

I´m very happy and satisfied with the conferences and with the results in my treatments. Thanks again Delphine. ~Dr. Cristina.Valera , D.V.M.

i enjoyed pretty much everything about the seminar. it made my training make sense for the first time in 17 years and i enjoyed it immensely. the teaching was excellent, mixed with humour and excellent content. i am still not overly confident with it but i am loving using the information.
organisation was excellent. location was easy to find and good in all aspects. i only didnt like being underground but it is a small point. ~Glenn Lobo

Another Great few days, Great information and a breath of fresh air into my acupuncture world! already telling my diabetes patients to have fresh lime each day! Only feed back would be on the venue, it was perfectly good but being in a basement all day a bit stuffy, but hay thats the way it goes. ~Sam Hargreaves


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