Balance Method Bazi 平衡八字

Also known as The Three Essentials, Bazi is birth chart analysis. Traditionally, Chinese medicine and acupuncture assert the profound factor of timing on disease. Whereas Fengshui addresses and remedies negative aspects within your space and locale, Bazi determines when you, or your patients, are more susceptible to certain influences in your life progression. These can be related to the status of your body, finances, career, position, education, relationships, spirituality, and more. By laying out and reading the dynamics of your Bazi — literally, “eight characters” based on your year, month, day, time, and city of birth — you can find revealing patterns. For instance, you may identify your core strengths and weakness, your easiest months to start a family, your best periods to get returns on investments, your likelihood of creating meaningful partnerships, your chance of pursuing more education, and your probability towards gain or loss of power.

Bazi is taught in four levels of four days each.

Ba Zi – The Three Essentials

Help your patients understand the underlying connections of their health disorders

After years of clinical practice, the Si Yuan Team’s Master had discovered that many people’s difficulties in life and health problems are rooted in one or more of these factors : Timing (Ba Zi), Environment (Feng Shui) and People (Relationships).
These factors are continually interacting with each other and this universal phenomenon is what makes our lives so different and interesting. This class offers a deep understanding of how each of these factors affects a person’s life.

How to use Ba Zi analysis to comprehensively help your patients?

  • Access your patients’ 5 Elements constitution and understand:
    – their personalities, thinking processes and environmental perceptions.
    – their weaknesses and strengths in health, talent, and careers.
    – how they relate to their family, partner, friends.
  • Look at your patients’ life time progression: how the flow of time influences every aspect of their lives, when the transition times of their lives take place.
  • Help your patients according to their specific constitutions and the elements affecting them at every step of their lives:
    – customize acupuncture/herbal treatments.
    – customize Feng Shui adjustments to balance their environment.
    – give personalized advice to lead a happier life: by making good major life decisions at the right time, by choosing the best career path, by enjoying each step of life according to timing energy, by accepting certain facts of life and letting them go or by finding the most compatible partner.

Why is it such a unique and valuable class ?

  • Open your eyes to one of the finest and deepest Chinese art forms: lay out a birth chart using the Ten Heavenly Stems and Twelve Earthly Branches of the Chinese calendar.
  • Ba Zi is not a fortune-telling game, but rather an art and science based on logic and mathematics. You will be captivated by this intellectually fulfilling game.
  • This class offers serious and reliable knowledge. Si Yuan teaches the very traditional and Chinese way of implementing these arts, as learned directly from their Master.
  • Demonstrations: Participants are encouraged to bring personal birth info or that of a relative or patient (date, time, place of birth).


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