About Si Yuan

In January 2016, three close apprentices of the late Dr. Richard Tehfu Tan, who had worked with him for over a decade, founded Si Yuan. While too generous to let the transmission of his Balance Method end with him, Dr. Tan also knew that his life mission could not be responsibly left in the hands of inexperienced or untrained apprentices.

“任重道遠 The task is arduous and the road is long” were some of Dr. Tan’s final words when entrusting his three apprentices to continue sharing — not only his Acupuncture, Cultivation, and Bazi teachings — but also the deep wisdom at the core of any true balance.

At the end of 2018, following their unique backgrounds, values, priorities, and dreams, the three official lineage transmitters of Dr. Tan's Balance Method stepped forward to offer two different learning environments.  Believing in the values founded in Si Yuan, Dr. Delphine Armand and Dr. Paul Wang continue to transmit the wisdom and knowledge passed on by their honored teacher.

Si Yuan Mission

Si Yuan offers:

  • Practical teachings transmitted and translated by qualified practitioners
  • Constant creativity and self-refinement as teachers, healers, and humans
  • Accessible trainings and treatments adapted to diverse cultures and communities

Si Yuan Values

Si Yuan believes in:

  • Spreading the joy of education and inspiration
  • Expressing profound appreciation and respect for Nature
  • Enjoying challenges and opportunities to cultivate mastery
  • Holding a healthy skepticism toward strict authoritarian control
  • Awakening potential, connecting ideas, and systemizing practices
  • Staying passionate and informed about recent research as well as classic treasures
  • Merging diligence, responsibility, and seriousness with pleasure, humility, and humor
  • Carrying a strong motivation to bring more humanity, health and balance to the world
  • Empowering people to deepen and integrate both their professional and personal lives

Si Yuan Team

Si Yuan Instructors are :

Balance Method acupuncturists with more than ten years’ experience practicing in high-volume community acupuncture settings.

  • Dr. Delphine Armand, LAc, DVM

    continuously worked by her Master’s side as an assistant at classes, an intern in his clinic and as a French translator during live seminars.

    Dr. Delphine Armand’s introduction and immersion in the Balance Method is proof that life can change in the blink of an eye. She first met her Shifu (Master) while interning and working on her dissertation in Germany. Astonished by his charismatic and fun personality, and intrigued by the strange broken and unbroken lines (trigrams) he had drawn on her notebook, she decided to invest her entire savings to attend his next scheduled class.

    Dr. Armand was immediately fascinated by the logic and effectiveness of the Balance Method and completely devoted herself to its practice and subsequent international growth.

    In fulfilling this mission, she worked hand in hand with her Mentor for almost a decade.

    Dr. Armand shared with her Shifu a unique connection of “work hard, play hard”. She closely assisted him in countless classes in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Asia and has performed live translations of all of his classes into French, as well as coordinated the French translation of his books. Most recently, she advanced her study of Ba Zi assisting her Professor in the preparation of his client’s charts.

    Starting in 2008, she exclusively practiced his Balance Method in her clinic in France. During this time, he visited her busy practice and oversaw the treatment of her patients. Likewise, Delphine interned in her Master’s San Diego, California clinic on numerous occasions.

    Dr. Delphine Armand holds degrees in both Veterinary Medicine as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Dr. Paul Chengpo Wang, LAc, DACM

    is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and a practitioner of healing, martial, and energy arts with over twenty years of teaching experience in these fields.

    In 2003, Dr. Paul Wang first met his primary acupuncture Shifu (Master), Dr. Richard Tan, while completing graduate studies in Chinese medicine. Dr. Wang was so immediately and deeply affected by a resonance with his teachings that he instinctively bowed and asked to become his disciple on the spot. In response, the amused lecturer smiled and wittily replied, “Perhaps after a Ba Zi reading.” The rest is history.

    Over the ensuing years, Dr. Wang and his Shifu developed a close spiritual relationship as Master and Apprentice. Aside from a dedication to innovating acupuncture, the pair also shared an intellectual curiosity and systematic creativity — as well as a passion for good food and fine wine.

    For more than a decade, Dr. Paul Wang honed his skills in the Balance Method as a California Licensed Acupuncturist practicing in a high-volume community acupuncture setting. He also completed training and certification in his Shifu’s Ba Zi course.

    Prior to initiating professional practice, Dr. Wang was a Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholar at the University of California at Berkeley and an Undergraduate Research Apprentice in the Poly-PEDAL laboratory of Professor Robert J. Full. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Integrative Biology with an emphasis in Physiology and Biomechanics from the University of California at Berkeley. He also pursued minor studies in Classical Chinese and East Asian Philosophy, especially Daoism. His graduate degrees are a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine (MSTCM) and a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM).

    Dr. Wang has over two decades of experience in various teaching capacities. As an avid martial artist, qi cultivator, and long-term meditator, he merges these lineages into an integrative transmission called Dao De Gong Fa.

Si Yuan Core is :

The team constantly facilitates the international growth of Si Yuan and the Global BalanceFoundation (GBF) in different countries and many languages. They are the vital force and voice of Si Yuan.

  • Monica Dobrovolny

    Si Yuan Administrator; English and French Communications Contact

    Monica lives in the Czech Republic and has a background in editing work for NGOs and academics. She took over the foundation patiently and skillfully established by her sister Michelle for 5 years. In a joyous and relaxed way, yet with a lot of professionalism, she handles the challenging tasks of administrating all of Si Yuan’s registrations and coordinating newsletter publications.

  • Sandra Wilfert, Lic. Ac

    German and English Facebook Page Editor and Group Moderator; Si Yuan German Communications Contact

    Sandra practices Balance Method acupuncture in Germany. Since she met Dr. Tan in 2006, she’s put all her heart into supporting the development of his Balance Method in German-speaking territories. Sandra has been live translating all of Dr. Tan’s and Si Yuan’s classes since 2011. When Delphine stood in for Dr. Tan’s class in Norway for the very first time, she didn’t hesitate a second to join and help. In addition to her endless loving support for Si Yuan, she takes great care of our German-speaking community through translating material, answering emails and moderating Facebook.

  • Vanessa Leite, Lic. Ac

    Portuguese Facebook Page Editor and Group Moderator; Si Yuan Portuguese Communications Contact

    Vanessa practices Balance Method acupuncture in Portugal. In 2015, she planted the seed for Dr. Tan’s teachings in Portugal, then in Brazil, the following year. Thanks to her enthusiasm, faith, and determination, Si Yuan’s Portuguese/Brazilian speaking communities receive prompt email support, enjoy our educational newsletters and an up-to-date website. Vanessa spreads kindness and sincerity in all her actions. Along with Pedro, she live translates Si Yuan classes into Portuguese/Brazilian.

  • Nora Morenza, Lic. Ac

    Spanish and French Facebook Page Editor and Group Moderator

    Nora practices Balance Method acupuncture in French-speaking Switzerland. When Delphine had to unexpectedly replace Dr. Tan for teaching his 2015 Lausanne Core Foundations, she had the courage to volunteer live translating in French. Furthermore, Nora has invested a lot of energy in spreading the Balance Method to Spain. She is a contributor to our French and Spanish Facebook groups and performs live translations of Si Yuan trainings in both French and Spanish.

  • Lapy Long, Lic. Ac

    French Facebook Page Editor and Group Moderator; Co-Founder and Treasurer of GBF

    Lapy practices Balance Method acupuncture in French-speaking Switzerland. Along with Paul and Delphine, she is a Co-Founder of Global Balance Foundation (GBF), a non-profit association bringing sustainable health care solutions to communities in need. She also contributes to Si Yuan’s social medias in French. Her unselfishness, endless motivation, and amazing organizational skills are an inspiration for us all.

  • Dr. Junji Takarabe, LAc, DACM

    English Facebook Page Editor and Group Moderator

    Junji practices Balance Method acupuncture in Australia. He first attended a seminar under Dr. Tan in 2014 and got hooked on the Balance Method. Since then, he uses it exclusively in his practice and deepened his knowledge with Ba Zi. Since 2016, he instills an atmosphere of happiness and fun in Si Yuan’s Australian classes as well as GBF missions in Cambodia. His good mood, incomparable sense of humor, and proficiency in social cohesion are always greatly appreciated by those in his presence. From Japan, Junji translated Si Yuan’s website into Japanese and invested a lot of energy transmitting the Balance Method to Japan. With humility, truthfulness, wisdom and joy, he is a great contributor to the various projects and social media of Si Yuan and GBF.

  • Thomas Feer, Lic. Ac

    German Facebook Page Editor and Group Moderator

    Thomas practices Balance Method acupuncture since 2012 and teaches martial arts in German-speaking Switzerland for more than 10 years. In December 2015, when Delphine and Sandra teamed up to teach the Advanced class in Luzern following Dr. Tan’s passing, he was by their side. He offered effective practical help, and more than anything, priceless emotional support and loving care. Despite his full agenda, Thomas is always a reliable help for Si Yuan classes. He shares his experience as a contributor to our Facebook group in German.

  • Pedro Albuquerque, Lic. Ac

    Portuguese Facebook Page Editor and Group Moderator

    Pedro practices Balance Method acupuncture in Portugal. Being the essential dynamic behind the Si Yuan Portuguese/Brazilian Facebook page and group, he works closely with Vanessa in supporting this growing community. Pedro brings his valuable work experience in the Chinese Medicine field to help more practitioners benefit from the extraordinary efficacy of the Balance Method. Along with Vanessa, he live translates Si Yuan classes in Portugal and Brazil.

  • Gerald Barra, Lic. Ac

    Spanish Facebook Page Editor and Group Moderator; Si Yuan Spanish Communications Contact

    Gerald practices Balance Method acupuncture in Chile. Since his first class at the 2016 Sao Paulo Core Foundations, Gerald has expressed the wish to bring the Balance Method to his country. Since he has joined the Si Yuan family, his creativity, seriousness and diligence are at the root of Si Yuan’s growing Spanish-speaking community in South America. His involvement through webpage translations, Facebook page editing and group moderating are a model of dedication to Dr. Tan and Si Yuan’s mission.

  • Johanne Picard-Scott, Lic. Ac

    Communication Manager of GBF

    Johanne took her first class with Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan in the summer of 2013. Little did she know how this class would shape her future practice. Johanne was so mesmerized with the clarity and logic of the teachings that she took as many classes as she could. Since opening her practice in New York in 2014, she has treated thousands of patients, using Dr. Tan’s Balance Method exclusively. Understanding that the profound lineage of this medical tradition requires continued study, Johanne continues to deepen her practice with Si Yuan and has recently been on her first mission to Haiti with the Global Balance Foundation (GBF). This experience was deeply moving. Despite her overly busy daily schedule, Johanne didn’t hesitate a second to accept giving her natural talent as a writer in support of GBF’s work. Since joining GBF, Johanne has impressed the team with her professionalism and dedication in making GBF’s work known worldwide.

  • Angela Chambers, Lic. Ac

    English Facebook Page Editor and Group Moderator
    English Instagram Editor (Si Yuan and GBF)

    Angela studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in Australia. She attended the 2015 Lausanne Core Foundation class and was inspired by Dr. Delphine Armand's transmission of Dr. Tan's Balance Method. She knew in her heart that she had found her lineage. Since then, she practices in Switzerland and continues to deepen her practice of the Balance Method. In 2018, she joined the Global Balance Foundation (GBF) on its first official humanitarian acupuncture mission in Cambodia. Despite challenging working conditions, Angela always maintained her positive energy and great compassion for her patients and mission colleagues. She has been keen to document her experiences by taking pictures and sharing them on with our online community. Angela is now skillfully and artistically promoting the visions of GBF and Si Yuan through social media.

  • Michelle Friedline, MFA, MSE

    Si Yuan video editor

    Michelle prepares Si Yuan videos for the website and social media. She earned master's degrees in bptj documentary film and entrepreneurship. Her independent documentary work has screened in 23 festivals and conferences in five countries.
    Based in Florida in U.S.A., Michelle helps NGOs tell stories through video and also teaches documentary planning and production part-time.

  • Michael Garcia

    Si Yuan Task Manager

    Michael is a naturopath, specializing in Tui Na Massage and Osteopathy. His first contact with the Balance Method was through Vanessa, a longtime friend and colleague who helped him recover from a herniated disk. He was invited by Delphine and Paul to join the Si Yuan Team at the end of 2019. His responsibility is to help coordinate the varied and numerous tasks of Si Yuan's Core.

  • Jonathan Goetz

    Si Yuan and GBF Webmaster

    Jonathan lives in a small city in the middle of France from where he orchestrates Si Yuan and GBF websites. From 2013, when Delphine urgently needed to professionalize Dr. Tan’s registration system for overseas events, through all the website changes that occurred until now, he was always ready to help. His creativity to find technical solutions to our very specific and often changing needs is admirable and valuable. Jonathan is a gem of patient integrity and his expertise is essential for Si Yuan’s ongoing passion to serve its community.

This is Si Yuan. Join us if you resonate.
We look forward to the ways your presence will affect our future.

Dr. Tan showed us how to tap into the source of Chinese medicine. Each of us is one drop. Together we merge into powerful meridians flowing towards oneness.


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    Cancelation Policy

    80% refund will be offered if we receive your cancellation at the latest 15 business days before the first day of the seminar you registered to. No refund will be issued after the 15 days' deadline. All refunds are issued in euros or Swiss francs, depending on the available funds of Si Yuan Balance Method SARL. Any bank fees, commissions or exchange rates related to the refund are the responsibility of the customer. Such fees will not be covered by Si Yuan Balance Method SARL.