• Si Yuan Balance Method Acupuncture Track

    The source of inspiration for Si Yuan Balance Method Acupuncture is the late Grandmaster
    Dr. Richard Tehfu Tan. With due respect to him, Dr. Tan is mentioned whenever reference is made to his inventions in the history of Chinese Medicine.

    Following in their Master’s path, Si Yuan Instructors aim at offering the most effective, efficient, and enjoyable teachings in the acupuncture community. Si Yuan classes reflect our Instructors’ own understanding, development, and refinement of what they learned from their Master. As Dr. Tan noted, many practitioners do not confidently integrate the Balance Method in their clinical practice due to a lack of hands-on experience. For this reason, the Si Yuan Balance Method Acupuncture Track offers these progressive training courses:

We offer online and onsite seminars, and they are available as either live or Guided Replays.

  • AcuIntro

    Discover key concepts and experiment with your first immediate results.
    Designed for practitioners who have not had any training in the Balance Method but may have heard about it through their studies.
    Discover the fundamentals of the Balance Method with Si Yuan Teachers in this one-day seminar.
    Learn the basics of treating local disorders and witness your first instant results!
    Find out how you can treat all musculoskeletal disorders commonly encountered in your clinic with fast, easy and effective results.
    Hands-on demonstrations and supervised needling practice will allow you to practice the logic and apply the Balance Method immediately in your clinic.

  • AcuCore

    AcuCore: Local Balance

    The essential foundation to get instant results on all musculoskeletal pathologies.
    It provides a deep understanding of Dr. Tan’s Balance Method spirit and concepts.

    • Discover a logical Three-Step Strategy to immediately and effectively treat all localized symptoms such as pain, numbness, stiffness, tingling or burning sensations, etc.
    • Understand the classical origin of Dr. Tan’s famous 6 Systems which tie up 2,000 years of Chinese Medicine into a simple balancing pattern. You will be amazed how scattered concepts suddenly make sense!
    • Learn the “Matrix Analysis Technique” to balance complications using a minimal number of meridians in your treatment.
    • Countless real-life case studies and demonstrations ensure you will have analyzed the most common pain patterns seen in clinical practice.
    • Practice the palpation of Ashi points and insert needles under the teacher’s supervision.
    • Learn the Golden Rules to make acupuncture work consistently.

    AcuCore: Global Balance

    The essential foundation to get instant results on all internal and external diseases.
    It provides a deep understanding of Dr. Tan’s Balance Method spirit and concepts.

    • Discover an effective, logical approach to patients with multiple pain locations.
    • Apply the Taiji Dynamic Structure to treat functional diseases
    • Practice different Four-Meridian Treatment Strategies for internal issues such as allergic, digestive, cardiac, respiratory or uro-gynecological diseases.
    • Learn a method to treat patients suffering simultaneously from internal disorders and local disorders.
    • Discover Dr. Tan’s famous and most effective point combinations.
    • End the AcuCore trainings with the feeling that no questions have been left unanswered!

  • AcuAdvance

    AcuAdvance: Meridian Conversion

    • Discover one of the most famous and effective Yi Jing hexagram methods, known for balancing an entire meridian pathway, function and Shen property, with just two needles.
    • Translate Zang-Fu and emotional diagnosis into a “Meridian Diagnosis” to devise the most effective 8 needle
    • Recognize the different constitutional and Shen types and their associated disorders.
    • Resolve more complicated internal disorders such as insomnia, allergies, hormonal and mental conditions.

    AcuAdvance: Dr. Tan’s Magical Strategy of 12 Points

    • Discover a logical and simple technique to balance and harmonize all 12 meridians on the whole body using only 12 needles.
    • Learn how Dr. Tan’s amazing invention treats difficult cases involving multiple internal and external disorders.
    • Enjoy the fun of playing with advanced Mirrors and Images to balance the whole body while focusing on specific parts.
    • Devise quick and effective treatments for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and other frequently seen pathologies.

    AcuAdvance: Dr. Tan’s 5 Elements Balance

    • Discover Dr. Tan’s invention and most advanced science, applying the Five Elements concept to Yi Jing hexagrams.
    • Understand the true meaning of the “Five Interactions”, as a dynamic active force.
    • Combine the power of the Balance Method and the essence of the Five Elements theory to sedate, tonify, or resolve conflicting elements with a simple combination of points.
    • Treat stubborn cases of both stagnation and deficiency. You will be guided through the most common Five Element imbalances seen in daily practice.

    AcuAdvance: Seasonal Balance

    • Discover an advanced system designed to address cyclical and seasonal disorders or any pathology triggered by sudden events in the patient’s life.
    • Balance meridians using the current season’s hexagram.
    • Learn to identify the most balanced and meaningful hexagram of a season.
    • Expand your treatment options for seasonal disorders such as allergies, depression, joint, and muscle pain.

  • AcuWorkshop

    Online and Onsite Program

    • Practice your Acupuncture 1, 2, 3 logic on numerous clinical cases from Si Yuan teachers and other participants. You are welcome to submit your own case !
    • Master the logic in choosing the most appropriate treatment strategies in real-life scenarios from basic to advance Balance Method concepts.
    • Understand why and how to mix several strategies and to apply different aspects of the Balance Method in one treatment.
    • Discuss and resolve any blockages your may have encountered in your clinic!

    Onsite Program only

    • Observe real treatment demonstrations or bring patients for treatments and find alternative strategies!
    • Learn to customize your needling technique to each patient’s condition.
    • Practice the needling of special points or points commonly known as difficult to needle
    • Improve your skills with hands-on practice in small groups under guidance.
    • Interact and discuss with colleagues and teachers and expand your repertoire of treatment strategies.
    • Gain confidence in your Balance Method logic and needling technique. You will witness the change in your patients !

  • AcuSpecial

    This training environment places emphasis on sharing, brainstorming and creativity.
    Each training is unique ! The program and flow of each class is customized to attendees and therefore contents may vary.

    AcuSpecial: Balancing the 8 Extra + Scalp Acupuncture

    This training aims at sharing a practical understanding of the Eight Extras to wisely integrate them and into Balance Method treatments and take full benefit of their potential.

    • Understand the mainspring, the practical functions and the pairing of the Eight Extras.
    • Learn how and when to balance their pathway or their function.
    • Expand your options to balance Du Mai and Ren Mai.
    • Increase the effectiveness of your treatments by incorporating the Eight Extras into your Global Balance Method treatments.
    • Gain a new understanding of the uses of Scalp Acupuncture.

    AcuSpecial: Let’s Focus on Obstetric and Gynecological (OBGYN) disorders

    This training aims at discussing different Balance Method strategies to approach obstetric and gynecological disorders.
    Participants are encouraged to bring cases from their clinic, the instructor and teacher assistant will also present cases of interest.

    • Discuss & resolve real case studies from your clinic.
    • Apply several of aspects of the Balance Method in one treatment.
    • Clarify how to choose the best strategies in real-life scenarios.
    • Refine your application of Balance Method concepts.

    AcuSpecial – Let’s Focus on Multiple Pain Disorders

    • Unblock any difficulties in approaching patients with several locations of pain.
    • Bring your case studies and develop simple treatments for disorders that have multiple internal and external symptoms.
    • Learn when to diagnose based on a meridian pathway or a different meridian property.
    • Distinguish between whether it is a local or global disorder.
    • Understand which Balance Method concept to apply and when and how to mix several concepts in one treatment through various case studies.

    AcuSpecial – Going Further with Dr. Tan’s Magical Strategy of 12 Points

    • Expand your application of Dr. Tan’s amazing invention!
    • Bring your complex clinical cases and build treatment strategies using Dr. Tan’s 12 Points.
    • Find out the wide-ranging application of what you can do with 12 meridians and 12 needles.
    • Compare different 12-Point strategies and customize your treatments to your patients.
    • Numerous case studies will provide the comprehensive strategy to treat fibromyalgia, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.

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    80% refund will be offered if we receive your cancellation at the latest 15 business days before the first day of the seminar you registered to. No refund will be issued after the 15 days' deadline. All refunds are issued in euros or Swiss francs, depending on the available funds of Si Yuan Balance Method SARL. Any bank fees, commissions or exchange rates related to the refund are the responsibility of the customer. Such fees will not be covered by Si Yuan Balance Method SARL.